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VEKLICH O. A. – Essence and content of the concept of an “ecosystem approach” in economic science

The essence of the concept of an ecosystem approach in broad and narrow sense is revealed. For the first time the notion of “ecosystem valuation” was formulated and introduced into scientific terminology. An algorithm for implementing the method of ecosystem valuation is proposed, developed and step!by!step disclosed. Cycle of its implementation is presented, which makes it possible to diagnose socio!ecological and economic problems of the functioning of any ecosystem timely, thus transforming the ecosystem approach from an abstract concept to specific management actions. Keywords: ecosystem approach, ecosystem valuation, socio!ecological!economic system, public nature management.

Ны­неш­ние про­бле­мы вос­ста­нов­ле­ния го­су­дар­ствен­но­сти Укра­и­ны, свя­зан­ные с жест­ки­ми со­ци­аль­но эко­но­ми­че­ски­ми ре­а­ли­я­ми, слож­ным эко­ло­ги­че­ским по © Век­лич Ок­са­на Афа­на­сьев­на (Veklich Oksana Afanas’evna), 2017; e mail:

* Ста­тья под­го­тов­ле­на рам­ках фун­да­мен­таль­ной НИР III 26 17 (№ го­сре­ги­стра­ции 0116U004433) “Эко­си­стем­ные ос­но­вы оценки ущер­ба от за­гряз­не­ния окру­жа­ю­щей сре­ды”, вы­пол ня­е­мой в ГУ “Ин­сти­тут эко­но­ми­ки при­ро­до­поль­зо­ва­ния и устой­чи­во­го раз­ви­тия НАН Укра­и­ны”.

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