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SUMMARIES Heyets V.M. “Why is it time to start over again?” – At the break of millennia, a transition in the countries with predominance of planned determinism to market system of management is somewhat more than just an economic experiment, as this transition is a transformation of social life including all its social and political structures. As a result of the market revolution, the consequences turned out to be catastrophic. In many respects this also applies to Ukraine, whose economy for a quarter of the century never recovered its 1990 level. At the same time, the Western world, whose market principles of functioning we were guided by in the course of the reforms, embraced a systemic crisis. The consequence of this became, first of all, the dominance, in the final sense, of the paradigm of global corporatism which mane ideology is market fundamentalism that leads to ever increasing social inequality.

Today the rise to power of the new US president and declared his country’s development strategy largely mean the beginning of a new turn in the world policy, especially the economic one. The consequences of the policy can, in case of its successful implementation, significantly change the situation primarily in world markets, but not only there. Corresponding changes are also taking place in the EU.

Ukraine must also join the solution of existing contradictions, since many countries are already searching for an adequate response to the expected changes. We must respond to these challenges that cause a corresponding reaction in economic policy – “to start all over”. With this in mind, the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine carries out the necessary researches, since starting the reforms and moving towards European choice, we, according to existing rules, must take for granted the existing approaches in the EU.

Gritsenko A.A. “Logical and historical bases of cardinal economic changes and transition to reconstructive development” – The logical and historical bases of changes in trade policy and other cardinal economic change are revealed. These foundations lie in deploying the internal contradictions of jointly divided labor. At the present stage of the development of society, this has incarnated in contradictions between globalization, which is carried out through information, technological, financial and economic mechanisms and is subjectively represented by multinational corporations, and localization, which is carried out through spatial territorial forms and is subjectively represented by national states.

The forms of manifesting this contradiction are analyzed. It is shown that for its solution it is necessary to coordinate global and local reproduction cycles at all levels from the largest TNC to the settlement of the poorest country. Incoordination of such cycles generates uncontrolled migration flows of labor, material and financial resources, which, in turn, generates crisis phenomena of a various nature.

Overcoming of these contradictions is possible on the way of transition to a reconstructive type of development and search for adequate mechanisms of

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