Economy of Ukraine (Ukrainian) - - Contents - A. A. GRYTSENKO, Professor, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Deputy Director of the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv)

and transition to reconstructive development – Logical and historical bases of cardinal economic changes

The logical and historical bases of changes in trade policy and other cardinal economic changes, which lie in deploying the internal contradictions of jointly divided labor, are revealed. At the present stage of the development of society, this has incarnated in contradictions between globalization, subjectively represented by transnational corporations, and localization, subjectively represented by national states. The forms of manifesting this contradiction are analyzed; it is shown that its solution is possible on the way to a transition to reconstructive type of development and the search for adequate mechanisms of management. Основ­ні по­си­ла­н­ня обго­во­рю­ва­ної на­ми До­по­віді ба­зу­ю­ться на то­му, що по­лі­ти­ка віль­ної тор­гів­лі зруй­ну­ва­ла ви­ро­бни­чий ба­зис США та еко © Гри­цен­ко Ан­дрій Ан­дрі­йо­вич (Grytsenko Andrii Andriiovych), 2017; e mail: agrytsenko@

* Ста­т­тю під­го­тов­ле­но в рам­ках до­слі­дже­н­ня за на­у­ко­вим про­е­ктом “За­галь­ні та ло­каль­ні ме­ха­ні­зми ре­кон­стру­ктив­но­го роз­ви­тку еко­но­мі­ки” (но­мер дер­жав­ної ре­є­стра­ції 0117U002825).

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