I. The initial principles of geo2economic analysis and forecasting of Ukraine’s development strategy in the context of globalization

Economy of Ukraine (Ukrainian) - - Наукові Дискусії - V O L O D Y M Y R L Y P O V, Professor, Doctor of Econ. Sci., Professor of the Department of International Economics and Management of Foreign Economic Activity Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, 4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022, Ukrain

– Competitive strategy for Ukraine’s development in globalization conditions

A potential for the forming a competitive strategy for Ukraine’s development under conditions of integration into the global economic space is considered. An attention is focused on contradictions of the influence of factors of the natural resource potential on the formation of competitiveness of the national economy. Peculiarities of the impact of social orientations of the value system on the choice of the national competitive strategy are researched. Keywords: geo"economics; institutions; institutional complementarity; institutional transformations; competitive strategies; national culture; natural resource potential; social orientation of a value system. References 35; Figures 2. © Липов Володимир Ва­лен­ти­но­вич (Lypov Volodymyr), 2018; e mail:

* Ста­т­тя публікується в рам­ках на­у­ко­вої ди­ску­сії, роз­по­ча­тої в жур­на­лі “Еко­но­мі­ка Украї ни” № 5 6, 2017 р.

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