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Оук­шотт Стра­хо­ва­ние – бро­кер Ллойдс, выс­шая сту­пень в ми­ро­вой иерар­хии стра­хо­вых по­сред­ни­ков. Во всем ми­ре 250 бро­ке­ров Ллойдс. Оук­шотт име­ет офи­сы в пя­ти стра­нах, ра­бо­та­ет в 22 стра­нах ми­ра. На­ша спе­ци­а­ли­за­ция – круп­ные рис­ки в неф­те­хи­ми­че­ской, энер­ге­ти­че­ской, транс­порт­ной, тор­го­вой от­рас­лях. Кли­ен­там Оук­шотт нра­вит­ся, что они по­лу­ча­ют по­мощь на всех эта­пах ра­бо­ты: со­гла­со­ва­ние усло­вий стра­хо­ва­ния, за­клю­че­ние стра­хо­во­го до­го­во­ра по оп­ти­маль­ной цене с наи­бо­лее на­деж­ны­ми стра­хов­щи­ка­ми, со­дей­ствие в уре­гу­ли­ро­ва­нии убыт­ков с са­мо­го на­ча­ла про­блем­ной си­ту­а­ции. Мы спо­соб­ству­ем по­вы­ше­нию про­фес­си­о­наль­но­го уров­ня парт­не­ров: се­ми­на­ры, ста­тьи, кни­ги. За 24 го­да ра­бо­ты Оук­шотт са­мый боль­шой объ­ект стра­хо­ва­ния оце­ни­вал­ся в 6 млрд. долл. Са­мый круп­ный убы­ток – 6.1 млн. долл.

Oakeshott is the first Lloyd’s broker with an Eastern European origin. We are Insurance and Reinsurance specialists working in 20 countries since 1993. We operate in Oil and Gas, Shipping, Aviation, Energy Generation, International Trade, etc. We also provide consultations, organize seminars, publish books on insurance and international law. Oakeshott’s business partners receive help at all stages of the insurance process: agreeing terms and conditions, finding the most reliable cover at the best obtainable prices, handling claims from the first hour of a loss-bearing situation. During these years our largest project placed reached USD 6 bn; our largest loss handled, USD 6.1 mn.

A. Offices and Classes of Business


Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd (Established 1993) is an FCA registered independent insurance and reinsurance broker (No. 300236), with offices in


Founded in 2000 as an insurance broker authorised and regulated by The

State Commission for Regulation of

Financial Services Markets of Ukraine.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Oakeshott Insurance Consultants in Central Asia (Established 2012) Registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Denia, Spain

Established 2012

St Petersburg (Partnership with Maksim Shimchenko of Max Marine)

Established 2016

From the foundation of the Company in 1993 the main sectors of our insurance and reinsurance practice have been as follows:

• Hull and associated risks

• P&I and ‘mutual’ risks

• Cargo and all related transportation risks by road/rail and warehousing

• The Liabilities of shipowners, charterers, carriers, freight forwarders, and other intermediaries

• Commercial property and Casualty.

B. Position and Role in the Emerging FSU Insurance Industry

George Grishin graduated from Moscow Finance University with a Masters Diploma in International Credit and Currency, following this degree with a PhD in Insurance Company Solvency. He was the first Russian to obtain the ACII Qualification and is now a Chartered Insurance Practitioner.

When he founded Oakeshott Insurance Consultants in 1993 he embarked on an extensive period of travelling and educating the market that was opened up following the Gorbachev era, but hardly anyone to guide or educate it. Oakeshott arranged frequent seminars in many centres within the FSA. Several booklets were published and George has written the only Russian language book on Marine Insurance published in the 20th Century. A further book – on Cargo Insurance – is in preparation. Significantly, most of the books and articles are written on the basis of English law and practice, which will have the effect of spreading the influence and practices of the English insurance market.

Oakeshott sees its training and educational role as an essential service to the insurance markets and practitioners; it is arguable that in

Denia, Spain

Almaty, Kazakhstan

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