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formation of the paradigm of sustainable development is influenced by the processes taking place in the global economy, which led to the formation of a new trend of the «green» economy. The conditions for the effective implementation of financing green projects are systematized. The role of soft law for using «green» financial instruments is grounded. It is determined that banks play a key role in green financing. «Green banking» is developing in two directions - the introduction of the concept of «green» office and the provision of «green» loans. «Green»credits are the main financial instrument of the «green» economy. One of the world leaders in «green banking» is China. The dynamics and structure of China’s green credit are analyzed. The domestic market of «green» creditsis investigated. The necessity of forming regulatory acts of the NBU in the field of «green» loans is indicated.

Key words.Green economy, green financial instruments, credit, loan, bank, green office.

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