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The analysis of the dynamics of fiscal security of Ukraine in the conditions of financial globalization is conducted. The main tendencies of state budget security and the impact of financial globalization on it are described. Monitoring of budgetary security has been carried out, which has allowed to investigate its state and determine the integral indicator, which creates information prerequisites for the regulation of budgetary security. The methodology for assessing the level of fiscal security of the state, based on taking into account the impact of financial globalization, structural changes in the budget system and national economic interests, including the formation of a system of indicators using the additive form of the integral indicator, has been improved. The main indicators of budgetary security are analyzed and the main threats of budgetary security of Ukraine are considered. The priorities of the state policy of raising the level of fiscal security of the state are proposed.

Key words: fiscal security, financial globalization, indicators of fiscal security, dynamics, budgetary security tendencies.

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