New cozy cafes open up in Kyiv


Anas­ta­sia Baran­nik, a 21-yearold head of on­line ed­u­ca­tional projects, drinks up to five cups of cof­fee every day. She says it helps her calm down and dis­tracts her from the ev­ery­day rou­tine.

“It’s a rit­ual. It’s an im­por­tant el­e­ment of my life,” she told the Kyiv Post.

While Baran­nik has a list of fa­vorite places she vis­its to grab a hot cof­fee, she is al­ways ea­ger to dis­cover new cafes, she says.

So for Kyiv’s cof­fee lovers like Baran­nik, the Kyiv Post has picked out some of the most in­ter­est­ing cof­fee shops that have opened in Kyiv re­cently.

Takava Cof­fee-Buf­fet

This small place, lo­cated in the cen­ter of Kyiv, be­tween the Lva Tol­stoho and Olimpi­iska metro sta­tions, opened around a month ago. With the busi­ness still op­er­at­ing in test mode, Takava Cof­fee-Buf­fet is ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent kinds of cof­fee while col­lab­o­rat­ing with a range of Ukrainian cof­fee roast­ing com­pa­nies.

Takava spe­cial­izes in espresso, cap­puc­cino, latte, raf, ca­cao and frappe. Apart from that, they of­fer lemon­ades and desserts — cakes, mac­a­roons, eclairs, and muffins, and they plan to bake their own crois­sants and puffs.

Lamps made out of cezves (small pots for mak­ing Turk­ish cof­fee) con­trib­ute to the warm at­mos­phere inside the two-sto­ried cafe. For those who stay to en­joy their drink, Takava Cof­feeBuf­fet has pre­pared a range of books, mag­a­zines and ta­ble games.

Bekir Suleimanov, one of Takava’s co-own­ers, says that they will keep ex­per­i­ment­ing and try to con­trib­ute to the de­vel­op­ment of Kyiv’s cof­fee cul­ture.

“We will be glad to see ev­ery­one who loves cof­fee as much as we do,” he told the Kyiv Post.

Prices: espresso — Hr 38, cap­puc­cino — Hr 48, latte — Hr 58.

Takava Cof­fee-Buf­fet ( 43/16 Ve­lyka Va­sylkivska St.) MonFri — 8 a.m.— 11 p.m. Sat-Sun — 9 a.m.— 11 p.m.

Right cof­fee bar

This cof­fee bar opened near Lvivska Square in early sum­mer. Fea­tur­ing a mod­ern

de­sign, Right is a great place to start the day with a cup of cof­fee and some gra­nola.

The bar uses cof­fee beans roasted in Scan­di­na­vian coun­tries. Their bev­er­age menu in­cludes espresso, cor­tado, cap­puc­cino, latte, flat white, raf, ca­cao and tea. In ad­di­tion, Right of­fers three kinds of fil­ter cof­fee — pour-over, cezve and aero­press. Along with drinks, the bar sells gra­nola, brown­ies, cheese­cakes with gor­gonzola and caramelized pears, crois­sants and tra­di­tional French quiche.

For the com­ing cold sea­son, the cafe will add spe­cial of­fers — “cof­fee in good spir­its” — cof­fee with added al­co­holic drinks.

Apart from that, Right soon plans to start elec­tronic mu­sic evenings every week, and says it will con­duct cof­fee tast­ing ses­sions and ed­u­ca­tional work­shops on mak­ing cof­fee

Right is also an­i­mal-friendly: Vis­i­tors can spend time with their pets inside the cafe and even find friends for them, as lots of an­i­mal lovers are reg­u­lar cus­tomers here.

Prices: espresso — Hr 32, cap­puc­cino — Hr 39, latte — Hr 43.

Right cof­fee bar ( 9V Si­chovykh Strilt­siv St.) Mon-Fri — 8 a.m.— 10 p.m. Sat-Sun — 9 a.m.— 10 p.m.

Ka­chorovska na Lva

The brand Ka­chorovska first be­came fa­mous in Ukraine for its el­e­gant shoes and ac­ces­sories. Ka­chorovska used to sell its prod­ucts on­line, but af­ter get­ting more at­ten­tion, it felt the need to open its own store. How­ever, the idea of open­ing a shoe and bag store seemed a lit­tle too bor­ing to Ka­chorovska’s team, so in 2015 they launched a store that also serves cof­fee — Ka­chorovska Store&Cafe, lo­cated in Podil­skyi district.

Two years later, they opened in the sum­mer another store and cafe near Lva Tol­stoho metro sta­tion. With its mod­ern min­i­mal­is­tic style, the two-sto­ried Ka­chorovska na Lva com­bines shelves with shoes or­gan­i­cally with cof­fee ta­bles and comfy chairs.

The cafe usu­ally uses cof­fee beans from Gu­atemala roasted in Odesa, and oc­ca­sion­ally con­ducts spe­cialty days with dif­fer­ent kinds of cof­fee. Ka­chorovska na Lva sells tra­di­tional espresso, cap­puc­cino, latte, flat white, flat orange, and raf, as well as al­ter­na­tives — aero­press, V-60 (purover) and cold­brew. The cafe also of­fers tea, lemon­ade, milk­shakes, fresh juice, ca­cao and smooth­ies. Along with drinks, vis­i­tors can try cakes, break­fasts (served all day), sand­wiches, sal­ads and soups.

Apart from that, the cafe oc­ca­sion­ally hosts events such as cof­fee tast­ings and meet­ings with in­ter­est­ing peo­ple.

Prices: espresso — Hr 30, cap­puc­cino — Hr 36, latte — Hr 38.

Ka­chorovska na Lva (14 Ve­lyka Va­sylkivska St.) Mon-Fri — 8 a.m.— 9 p.m. Sat-Sun — 10 a.m.— 9 p.m.

Make My Cake

This cafe is per­fect for those who can’t imag­ine drink­ing cof­fee with­out some­thing sweet. Make My Cake sells cheese­cakes, brown­ies, black for­est gateau, and their call­ing card — clas­sic French dessert mac­a­roons. The cafe of­fers 20 types of mac­a­roons, in­clud­ing the most pop­u­lar ones — salty caramel, laven­der cheese­cake and gor­gonzola-quince.

Daria Voinarovska, one of the cafe’s baris­tas, says “it’s a place where one can try the best mac­a­roons and cof­fee of good qual­ity.”

Make My Cake uses Colom­bian cof­fee beans roasted in Odesa. Their drinks menu in­cludes espresso, latte, cap­puc­cino, amer­i­cano, ca­cao, flat white, long black and green Ja­panese matcha tea.

It’s a small and cozy café, with a min­i­mal­is­tic mod­ern de­sign. Vis­i­tors can ei­ther en­joy their cof­fee inside or get an or­der to go.

Founded at the be­gin­ning of sum­mer, Make My Cake al­ready plans to open another cof­fee shop by the end of Septem­ber, and keep feed­ing the mac­a­roon craze among the cit­i­zens of Kyiv.

Prices: espresso — Hr 35, cap­puc- cino — Hr 41, latte — Hr 43, mac­aron — Hr 35.

Make My Cake (7 Mech­nykova St.) 9 a.m.— 9 p.m.


The 31V1 ed­u­ca­tional space has worked as a plat­form for pub­lic events for over three years, with nu­mer­ous lec­tures, meet­ings and work­shops be­ing held here. This sum­mer, 31V1 launched their own cafe in or­der to al­low vis­i­tors to com­bine learn­ing new things with en­joy­ing hot drinks.

31V1 uses Colom­bian Supremo cof­fee beans. Ac­cord­ing to Pavlo Kozyriev, the café’s barista, the beans are roasted in Kyiv, and brought straight to the cafe, which helps them re­tain their fresh aroma.

The cafe of­fers espresso, amer­i­cano, cap­puc­cino, latte, flat white, frappé, mo­jito, lemon­ade, fresh juice and five kinds of tea. Apart from that, vis­i­tors can or­der cook­ies, bars, cakes and fruit.

When there are no events held at 31V1, the plat­form works as a freeof-charge cowork­ing space and is open to any­body who wants to study or work while sip­ping a drink.

Lo­cated in the cen­ter of Kyiv, on Pushin­ska St., 31V1 is shel­tered from the city buzz by sur­round­ing build­ings, giv­ing its guests a small break from busy city life.

Prices: espresso — Hr 22, cap­puc­cino — Hr 36, latte — Hr 38.

31V1 (31V1 Pushkin­ska St.) MonFri — 10 a.m.— 6 p.m. When events are be­ing held, open till 9 p. m.


Al­though Buz­zPlace lives up to its name in be­ing quite a noisy place, Dmytro Dubovet­skyi, the café’s owner, says it’s still a cozy place for a cof­fee. He says that while the place is busy, there is al­ways a good at­mos­phere there.

Buz­zPlace opened at the be­gin­ning of sum­mer on Vozd­vyzhen­ska Street. It’s a small cafe with a mod­ern de­sign, wooden fur­ni­ture, neon signs and ta­bles out­side.

The cafe col­lab­o­rates with a cof­fee roast­ing com­pany from Dnipro and uses blends of Ara­bica beans. They sell espresso, amer­i­cano, cap­puc­cino, latte, flat white, raf, frappé, freddo, orange, some sig­na­ture cof­fee and one al­ter­na­tive — kalita. Apart from that, Buz­zPlace of­fers hot tea and cold drinks.

There is a choice of break­fasts — gra­nola, crois­sants, sand­wiches, and their spe­cialty — waf­fles with sweet (fruit, berries, peanut but­ter) and sa­vory (cheese and to­ma­toes, chicken and mush­rooms, salmon and cheese) top­pings.

Buz­zPlace oc­ca­sion­ally holds spe­cial events — lec­tures and meet­ings with pub­lic peo­ple like pho­tog­ra­phers and blog­gers. The cafe will soon up­date its menu, adding wine, as in the evening the peo­ple strolling around Vozd­vyzhen­ska are less in­clined to drink cof­fee, Dubovet­skyi says.

Buz­zPlace’s owner also says he plans to ex­pand the num­ber of cafes in Kyiv, and even open cafes in Poland.

Prices: espresso — Hr 50, cap­puc­cino — Hr 60, latte — Hr 75.

Buz­zPlace (8 De­htiarna St.) 9 a.m.— 10 p.m.

A barista makes cof­fee at Takava Cof­fee-Buf­fet in Kyiv on Sept. 6. (Oleg Pe­tra­siuk)

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