Warm up on Kyiv’s cold days with hot drinks


As win­ter comes, Kyiv's bars, cafes and restau­rants have closed their sum­mer ter­races and are now tempt­ing guests to come in­side for sea­sonal hot drinks. City res­i­dents now start the day with a cup of spicy cof­fee or herbal tea, and some­times end it with a hot al­co­holic bev­er­age. The Kyiv Post has picked out some of the best places:


This cozy Lon­don-themed cafe in Kyiv’s Podil dis­trict serves var­i­ous types of tasty cof­fee. Lon­don also of­fers a range of other hot drinks, in­clud­ing its house spe­cialty — a herbal drink made with lin­den-flower, chamomile, or sea buck­thorn with rose­mary, as well as lots of dif­fer­ent teas. In ad­di­tion, the cafe sells hot drinks with al­co­hol — tra­di­tional mulled red and white wine, and Ir­ish cof­fee. The menu also in­cludes Lon­don’s sig­na­ture drink — the Juicy Strudel — made with rum, ap­ple juice, cran­ber­ries, and spices. The cafe sells desserts — cakes, cook­ies, muffins — as well as pies with savory fill­ings, in­clud­ing spinach, cheese, tur­key, salmon, ham and veg­eta­bles.

Prices: herbal tea — Hr 55–69, mulled wine — Hr 75, Ir­ish cof­fee — Hr 89, Juicy Strudel — Hr 79.

Lon­don cof­fee house (18 Verhnii Val St.) Mon-Fr. 10 a.m.— 10 p.m. Sat-Sun. 11 a.m.— 10 p.m. +38068 773 7315

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is a fa­vorite among Kyiv’s young peo­ple: They flock here to have break­fast, pick up a dessert, or meet up with friends over a cock­tail. The place has a di­verse food menu, and of­fers a wide range of drinks. As Milk Bar’s name hints, the venue serves hot milk — fla­vored with choco­late, laven­der, vanilla, and lemon­grass. The cafe’s spe­cialty is a drink called “tea without tea” — a hot vi­ta­min drink made of gin­ger and cit­rus, sea buck­thorn and or­ange, cran­berry or rhubarb, and lin­den-flower. In ad­di­tion, the cafe serves Ir­ish cof­fee and mulled wine. Milk Bar also serves a range of breakfasts, sal­ads and soups to sate the ap­petite, as well as lots of tasty desserts with which to pam­per one­self.

Prices: Tea without tea — Hr 75, hot milk — Hr 55, Ir­ish cof­fee — Hr 115, mulled wine — Hr 115.

Milk Bar (16 Shota Rus­taveli St.) Mon-Fr. 8 a.m.— 11 p.m. Sat-Sun. 9 a.m.— 11 p.m. +38044 237 0907


This spot is lo­cated on Bes­sarab­ska Square and is all about mulled wine. Made of Ukrainian red and white wine, it's spiced with star anise, car­damom, gin­ger, cin­na­mon, car­na­tion, pink pep­per, nut­meg, and honey. The white wine ver­sion can be made with vanilla, buck­thorn or tan­ger­ine, while the red one is also avail­able with cof­fee and choco­late. In ad­di­tion, Hlintveinia sells tea — with gin­ger with rose­mary, buck­thorn with car­damom, and rasp­berry with star anise. The cafe’s food menu of­fers breakfasts, soups, sal­ads, pasta, the tra­di­tional Ukrainian dish banosh, and desserts.

Prices: mulled wine — Hr 55–65, tea — Hr 40

Hlintveinia (2 Bes­sarab­ska Sq.) Mon-Thu, Sun. 11 a.m.— 11 p.m. FriSat. 11 a.m.— 1 a.m. +38099 040 7520

The Blue Cup

This cozy shop with comfy so­fas and an eye-catch­ing de­sign is a pop­u­lar place for a cup of cof­fee, break­fast or lunch, or even just tak­ing some stylish pic­tures. The Blue Cup of­fers mulled wine made with red wine, or­ange peel and spices. The cof­fee shop also serves milk punch, a mix­ture of dark rum, milk, nut­meg, vanilla syrup and spices. Their drink menu in­cludes Ir­ish cof­fee and house-spe­cialty tea with masala spice mix, hibis­cus-rose­mary, plum with cur­rant and sage, and vibur­num-rose­mary. The Blue Cup also serves break­fast, soups, sal­ads and desserts.

Prices: mulled wine — Hr 79, milk punch — Hr 89, Ir­ish cof­fee — Hr 109–119, tea — Hr 49–59.

The Blue Cup (5 Pushkin­ska St.) 9 a.m.— 10 p.m. +38050 315 6869


Teplica is a restau­rant with a rich food menu and rea­son­able prices. The restau­rant serves dishes of var­i­ous cuisines — ap­pe­tiz­ers, soups, sal­ads, steaks and even sushi rolls. Apart from that, Teplica makes some un­usual hot drinks — caramel brandy, ap­ple Jack and straw­berry grog, as well as tra­di­tional Ir­ish cof­fee. In ad­di­tion, they make hot berry drinks with straw­berry and pear or rasp­ber­ries, and gin­ger or sea buck­thorn tea.

Prices: caramel brandy — Hr 85, ap­ple Jack — Hr 95, straw­berry grog — Hr 85, Ir­ish cof­fee — Hr 95, tea — Hr 58.

Teplica (13 Staro­vokzalna St.) Mon- Thu, Sun. 11 a.m.— 1 a.m. Fri-Sat. 11 a.m.— 3 a.m. +38044 229 0060


An­other cozy restau­rant on Podil, Lubov-Morkov, serves Bel­gian waf­fles with sweet and savory top­pings of var­i­ous types. The venue also makes hot al­co­holic drinks — sea buck­thorn punch, cider with spices, white and red mulled wine, and Ir­ish cof­fee. In ad­di­tion, Lubov-Morkov of­fers hot choco­late, and co­coa with chili pep­per and marsh­mal­low. The restau­rant sells breakfasts (eggs, crois­sants, oat­meal), ap­pe­tiz­ers (hum­mus, cheese sticks), meat, sal­ads, soups, and desserts.

Prices: mulled wine — Hr 60–70, cider — Hr 60, sea buck­thorn punch — Hr 75, Ir­ish cof­fee — Hr 80, tea — Hr 45–65.

Lubov-Morkov (23/8 Pe­tra Sa­haidachnoho St.) Mon-Fri. 9 a.m.— 11 p.m. Sat-Sun. 10 a.m.— 11 p.m. +38096 013 1333

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