Ul­ti­mate guide to Kyiv’s 1-euro bars


What can 1 euro buy in a bar? In some of the Kyiv bars, any­thing.

A new craze for 1-euro bars, where all or most items on the menu cost just around Hr 30, is sweep­ing the cap­i­tal, with new venues pop­ping up around the city cen­ter.

Bi­lyi Na­lyv

Kyiv’s first cider house can be rec­og­nized by the long queue of cus­tomers on Khreshchatyk Street pa­tiently wait­ing to place an or­der. The line usu­ally moves fast though, be­cause the or­ders are pro­cessed quickly.

Most of its bev­er­ages are based on apples, hence the name Bi­lyi Na­lyv — a pop­u­lar ap­ple va­ri­ety in Ukraine sim­i­lar to the White Trans­par­ent. The bar’s spe­cialty is ap­ple cider made by a Ukrainian man­u­fac­turer in Cherkasy Oblast.

The bar­tenders pour cider from the bar­rels hang­ing from the wall one me­ter away from the glasses. This way, the bar claims, the cider be­comes sat­u­rated with oxy­gen, en­rich­ing its fla­vor. For colder sea­sons, Bi­lyi Na­lyv serves up home­made-style ap­ple liqueur and hot ap­ple punch with cin­na­mon and anise.

The food menu has reg­u­lar and ve­gan hot dogs seasoned with caramelized onions and ap­ple chips. There are also ap­ple pies and chicken pies. The most gourmet item on the menu are oys­ters, which come from Ukraine’s Kher­son Oblast. They are served with a slice of lemon.

The bar is part of the Gastro Fam­ily chain by the well-known Kyiv restau­ra­teur Dmytro Bo­rysov.

Bi­lyi Na­lyv has about 50 in­door seat­ing places and sev­eral high bar ta­bles shaped like bar­rels for stand­ing out­side. It’s pet-friendly, but doesn’t take reser­va­tions.

Prices: ap­ple cider, liqueur, punch — Hr 29; reg­u­lar and ve­gan hot dogs, ap­ple and chicken pies, oys­ters — Hr 29 apiece.

Bi­lyi Na­lyv. 23A Khreshchatyk St. 10 a.m.— 11 p.m. (10 a.m.— 2 a.m. on Fri, Sat) +38098885 8744

Dogz & Burg­erz

Al­though not a clas­si­cal bar, Dogz & Burg­erz has all the drinks and food avail­able at Bi­lyi Na­lyv plus two kinds of burg­ers. The street food venue is also part of the Gastro Fam­ily chain.

Most items on the menu also cost Hr 29. Its dou­ble-patty beef burg­ers, how­ever, are Hr 39. There are burg­ers in a clas­sic bread bun, and bread­less ones with two pat­ties wrapped in let­tuce.

Dogz & Burg­erz is lo­cated in the food court in­side the Globus Mall un­der Maidan Neza­lezh­nosti. Its own­ers call it a per­fect lo­ca­tion to get lunch or grab a bite be­fore a party.

Prices: ap­ple cider, liqueur, punch — Hr 29; reg­u­lar and ve­gan hot dogs, ap­ple and chicken pies, oys­ters — Hr 29; reg­u­lar burger and let­tuce-wrapped burger — Hr 39.

Dogz & Burg­erz. 1 Maidan Neza­lezh­nosti (food court at the Globus Mall). 10 a.m.— 10 p.m. face­book.com/dogz.and.burg­erz.

Flow­ers Mafia

Spring is ever-present in Kyiv bar Flow­ers Mafia, which is housed in­side a flower shop. Every­thing in Flow­ers Mafia costs Hr 28. In ad­di­tion, ev­ery fe­male cus­tomer gets a small flower as a present.

Be­sides cof­fee and tea, the bar of­fers white and rose wine from Zakarpat­tia Oblast, cherry liqueur and three types of cider: ap­ple, grape­fruit and a cider of the day which could be one of a va­ri­ety of fla­vors. One can also buy a vari­a­tion of Aperol Spritz with tonic for Hr 28, and the real thing with Pros­ecco wine for dou­ble the price.

For food, Flow­ers Mafia has a clas­sic Amer­i­can hot dog and a Dutch hot dog with her­ring. How­ever, the bar plans to de­velop its food menu with veg­e­tar­ian rolls and snacks. For the cold sea­son, Flow­ers Mafia will also add mulled wine.

An­other ad­di­tion for the cold sea­son will be some 40 seat­ing places on the bar’s sec­ond floor. Cur­rently, Flow­ers Mafia has around 100 seats out­side with small ta­bles, bar­rels for stand­ing and chaise lounges for ex­tra com­fort. Pets are wel­come.

Prices: ap­ple, grape­fruit cider, cider of the day, white and rose wine, Aperol Spritz with tonic — Hr 28; Aperol Spritz — Hr 56; Amer­i­can hot dog, Dutch hot dog with her­ring — Hr 28.

Flow­ers Mafia. 69 Volodymyrska St. 9 a.m.— 11:30 p.m. ( 10 a.m.— 11:30 p.m. on Sat, 12 p.m.— 11 p.m. on Sun) +38066517 0144


The new­est 1-euro bar opened on Kyiv’s cen­tral Khreshchatyk Street just last week. Al­most all of its dishes and bev­er­ages cost Hr 29, ex­cept for one cock­tail — a crazy al­co­hol party mix for Hr 79. It fits the essence of this bar, which is re­flected in the name Rozkovbas — an un­trans­lat­able word with a mean­ing close to “par­ty­ing very hard.”

The bar of­fers Bel­gian-style wheat beer with a hint of co­rian­der and cit­rus peel, pro­duced by a craft brew­ery in Kyiv. Other al­co­holic drinks are cherry punch, mulled wine and Jäger­meis­ter.

The food menu of­fers reg­u­lar and ve­gan hot dogs, three-piece shrimps, slices of mar­garita and pep­per­oni pizza. For snacks, Rozkovbas has rye rusks and fries. Visi­tors can also treat them­selves to cheese­cake for dessert.

The bar has 30 in­door seat­ing places and three ta­bles for stand­ing. It doesn’t take reser­va­tions, but wel­comes peo­ple with pets.

Prices: wheat beer, cherry punch, mulled wine, Jäger­meis­ter — Hr 29; reg­u­lar and ve­gan hot dogs, shrimp (3 pcs), mar­garita and pep­per­oni pizza, rue rusks, fries, cheese­cake — Hr 29.

Rozkovbas. 27A Khreshchatyk St. 10 a.m.— 11 p.m. (10 a.m.— 2 a.m. on Fri and Sat) +38067474 7557

The Drinkery

This min­i­mal­is­tic bar in­spired by the bar cul­ture of Poland and the Czech Repub­lic has light drinks and liquor shots for Hr 30. There are brand spir­its for Hr 80 a glass and im­ported wines for Hr 500 a bot­tle. All food items cost Hr 60.

The bar has three kinds of beer, reg­u­lar and mulled wine, vodka, and liqueur. But its spe­cialty are shots, of which it has 10 kinds. With names like “Beast Mas­ter,” “Profit Troll” and “Squid Dreams,” these can en­liven al­most any party.

The food menu has a va­ri­ety of meat snacks, deep fried cheese, toasts, and veg­eta­bles. For the es­pe­cially hun­gry, the Drinkery of­fers zurek, a Pol­ish sour rye soup, and rice pi­laf with pork, all for Hr 60 a por­tion.

The Drinkery has about 70 in­door seat­ing places, and of­fers reser­va­tions.

Prices: beer, wine, vodka, liqueur, a va­ri­ety of shots — Hr 30; beer snacks, zurek, pi­laf — Hr 60; brand spir­its — Hr 80; im­ported wine — Hr 500.

The Drinkery. 6 Sofiyivska St. 12 p.m.— 11 p.m. (2 p.m.— 2 a.m. on Sat., 2 p.m.— 11 p.m. on Sun.) +38066901 2296

Clients re­lax at Flow­ers Mafia bar in Kyiv on Oct. 10, 2018. The bar's spe­cialty is Aperol Spritz, of which it has two kinds: a clas­sic ver­sion and one with tonic in­stead of Pros­ecco wine. (Kostyan­tyn Ch­er­nichkin)

Cus­tomers wait in line to place an or­der at Bi­lyi Na­lyv cider house in Kyiv on Oct. 10, 2018. The bar is lo­cated on the cen­tral Khreshchatyk St. and of­fers seats both in­side and out­doors. (Kostyan­tyn Ch­er­nichkin)

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