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The Ukrainian technologies presented at the EXPO 2017 in Astana enjoy the greatest interest among business participants of the international exhibition. And the section of Ukraine is the most business-oriented according to the version of Astana EXPO TV. More than 100 developments and projects presented in the information retrieval system developed specifically for the exhibition became the subject for building business relations with Ukraine for companies from all over the world, including from Kazakhstan, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, China and a number of other countries.

Several hundred new business contacts, signed agreements and memoranda, meetings and negotiations. That’s so rich, and most importantly Ukraine spent the productive summer in Astana. During the time of participation in the international exhibition, the foundation was laid for future joint projects. Among them – the projects of wind and solar energy, as well as the production of energy from biomass. Из офи­ци­аль­но­го обра­ще­ния орг­ко­ми­те­та Аста­на2017: «Орг­ко­ми­тет Ме­жду­на­ро­дной спе­ци­а­ли­зи­ро­ван­ной вы­став­ки «Аста­на EXPO2017» выра­жа­ет Изда­тель­ско­му До­му «Украи­на Би­знес», всем уча­стни­кам пресс-ту­ров в рам­ках це­ре­мо­ний открытия и за­крытия Ме­жду­на­ро­дной спе­ци­а­ли­зи­ро­ван­ной вы­став­ки искрен­нюю бла­го­дар­ность и ува­же­ние. По пре­два­ри­тель­но­му ре­ше­нию Орг­ко­ми­те­та ЭКСПО-2017 сре­ди СМИ, пред­став­лен­ных Украи­ной, ва­ши пу­бли­ка­ции при­зна­ны лу­чши­ми сре­ди пе­ча­тных из­да­ний, осве­ща­ю­щих по­дго­тов­ку, про­ве­де­ние и уча­стие Украи­ны во Все­мир­ной вы­став­ке в Аста­не» (см. фо­то).

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