Modern artists of the Instagram era reimagine reality by merging the past and present, inventing a brand new world, believing in the power of words. And fashion brands believe in them.

“I am a part of a generation of image-makers that value images above all,” says artist Coco Capitán, 26. “Instead of writing to their friends, or saying personally what they were doing on holidays, people will immediately take a picture of themselves.” Born in Seville, Spain, she moved to London at 17 to enrol in the fashion photography undergraduate course at the London College of Fashion. Later, she graduated from the the prestigious Royal College of Art. By that time Coco had shot editorials for Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, Dazed & Confused.

Her Instagram pictures are often accompanied by aphorisms. For her, word is a substitute for a dramatic expressionist move in which artists splashed their canvases with paint, working them over furiously with a large brush. Her tool of choice is an immaculately honed phrase.

Her slogan “What are we going to do with all this future?” for a Gucci capsule collection made her famous across the world. It has been transformed into a huge billboard gracing the walls in Milan and New York as another incarnation of Gucci’s Art Wall project.

The images created by Ignasi Monreal go through the same time machine. His works were used both in the limited edution #Guccihallucination capsule and the spring/ summer 2018 advertising campaign. Runway clothes go through the looking-glass to be skillfully integrated in art traditions and narratives of the past.

Another of Michele’s Instagram discoveries is Helen Downie, aka Unskilled Worker. Her paintings are a tribute to the past, promising that the world around you can turn into a fairy tale — all it takes is just a little bit of imagination. This October, the brand will unveil an exclusive online collection of 40 pieces with prints created by Unskilled Worker.

An imaginary world has always been a part of fashion. Coco Capitán once thought up twin brothers for herself — in a photo shoot for Vogue UA they are portrayed by Coco’s old friends, Yann-edouard and Ericemmanuel, real life twins.

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