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The history of Krivoy Rog City Clinical Hospital No. 2 begins with the construction of the Kryvy Rih Metallurgical Plant. In July 1931 earthworks began, and in November the first cubic meters of concrete were laid just to become the foundation of a blast furnace. In 1932 the first hospital, which serves builders and metallurgists, is being opened. During the war it was completely destroyed. After the city was liberated, in 1944 a new hospital opened in the building that survived. With the development and reconstruction of the city, it is relocated to a new facility along with a metallurgical plant. Doctors of the factory hospital selflessly fulfilled their professional duty. For their military work in 1972, the hospital was awarded with the Order of Honor. For many years it has been considdered as the all-union school of excellence. In connection with industrial construction, as the population grows, the city authorities in 1978 decided to start the building of a new hospital, away from the plant, in an environmentally clean place. In 1989, nine superficial hospitals for 1040 beds in the microdistrict Solnechnyy were put into operation. At the moment, this is the most powerful hospital in the city of Kryvyi Rih on 680 beds, which serves not only residents of the city, but also the surrounding areas. She provides counseling and diagnostic outpatient and highly specialized in-patient care. The chief doctor - Svetlovsky Alexander Arsentievich - the candidate of medical sciences.

The purpose of the hospital's staff is to provide modern high-quality medical care. This level is provided by 1050 employees, of which 176 doctors (52% of the highest qualification category), 433 secondary medical workers (48% of the highest qualification category). In 2004, the hospital received the status of clinical and is the base of three medical departments - the Department of Therapy, Cardiology and Family Medicine; surgery, traumatology and orthopedics; Department of Stomatology of the Faculty of Medicine of the State Medical Academy Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. For the proper organization of the treatment process, the concept of management and modern management has been developed. Every 5 years the hospital is accredited and has a higher category and a license for medical practice. In 2007, the hospital was certified in accordance with the requirements of the standard DSTU ISO-9001: 2007. Every year, an audit is carrie out to confirm the standard.

The hospital has an advisory and diagnostic center, which serves 36,300 people a year. Admission is conducted by 8 specialists. Day hospital for 30 beds provides treatment of therapeutic, neurological, surgical, gynecological profile. In comfortable, cozy chambers there are about 800 patients, who do not need a 24-hour doctor's observation, are treated.

Every year more than 28,000 people are called to the reception office, 16% of them are scheduled, urgently - 84%, and 56% of the patients are delivered by brigades. One in three patients turn to the hospital independently. Based on the structure of the flow of patients, the basic basic principles are operating: round-the-clock mode of operation, urgency, stage and multidisciplinarity of medical care.

From the first minutes of stay in the reception department includes a well-established system: a doctor's review - a therapist, if necessary, a call for consultation of a specialized specialist from the department, laboratory and instrumental studies, such as: ECG, CT of the brain, radiography, ultrasound. The presence of an automatic hematological analyzer «Sismex» provides the possibility of operative information. Based on the clinical status and the results of the examination, the patient will be sent to a department or directly to the operating unit. The tactics of hospitalization of seriously ill patients in the department of anesthesiology with PIT are also used to

provide emergency care to resolve the need for further surgical intervention.

Hospital care is provided in 17 outlets, and 11 of them provide specialized assistance to the adult population of the city and nearest rural areas with no profiles in other hospitals.

The peculiarity of our region is the growth of the severity of traumatic injuries, the combination of injuries of various organs. Therefore, in 2009, on the initiative of the head physician of the institution, a new branch of "Politrama" was opened, which provides assistance to victims of multiple damage to organs and systems of the body, and operative treatment of pelvic bones fractures, as well as fractures of long tubular bones.

On the basis of the burn department since 2005, the PIT has been extended for 2 beds. Equipped with a modern ventilation and air purification system with biofilters. In the ward two aerosolation beds of the "Phoenix" type manufactured at the enterprises of Ukraine are deployed.

Since 2002, the block of "artificial kidney" has been functioning within the nephrology department, and in 2008 a powerful outpatient hemodialysis department is being established, which works in three changes and provides assistance to 83 patients.

In the office of X - ray - vascular surgery various diagnostic and therapeutic endovascular interventions on vessels of n / extremities, of the brain and of the heart are performed: stenting of arteries of n / extremities, coronary arteries in acute coronary syndrome and myocardial infarction, with chronic ischemic heart disease, endovascular occlusion, vascular aneurysms the brain

Compatible with doctors of the urological center, microsurgical interventions for varicocele were introduced for the first time in Ukraine, namely, sub-incubation disinfectants for Marmara and Goldstein. The technique of imposing one-sided direct microscope on Belgrano has been introduced, with the purpose of unloading venous pressure of the kidneys in patients with reno-testicular phlebogipertension. Hospital patients are available the following technologies:

- Videotracoscopic operations through a small-diameter tube with a medical and diagnostic purpose; the first endoscopic operation of lungs in Ukraine was performed in 1995 in our thoracic department; - Bronchoscopic surgery - through an artificial endoscopic instrument with light fiber optics, allows timely diagnosis of a painful hearth - the removal of tumor-like formations and the capture of tissues for research;

- Endoscopic operations on the esophagus and stomach (round the clock);

- Laparoscopic operations of the female genital area. The hospital is the only medical institution in the city where these most advanced and modern endovascular operations, including embolization of the uterine vessels, are carried out.

- Laparoscopic operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity with housing and communal services, appendicitis.

- Since 2005, the hospital has undergone minor invasive surgeries under the control of ultrasound. We have experience of performing more than 100 such interventions.

- From 2015, endoscopic methods in urology for the treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the prostate and the bladder.

Thus, the hospital is practically in line with the type of HCV - the hospital of intensive care, determined by the order of the Ministry of Health № 646 dated October 5, 2011

Each year, doctors of the institution study at the institutes of advanced training in the cities of Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporozhye, Kryvyi Rih, and Kharkiv. Participants in international conferences, symposiums, master classes, have hundreds of publications, and presentations on modern medical technologies both in the country and abroad. Scientific, practical and pathologoanatomical conferences are constantly held at the hospital. Local protocols for the examination and treatment of patients are developed and implemented in practice.

Dear readers of the magazine "Health" we would like you to be always healthy and if necessary, trust the doctor and follow his advice!

Osaulenko Lyudmila Vasylivna

Municipal institution "Krivoy Rog City Clinical Hospital №2"

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council » Dnipropetrovsk region, 50056, Kryvyi Rih, Maydan 's 30th anniversary of Victory, 2. Contact phone 0564-94-71-31

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