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In this publication we would like to tell about the medical institution - Kryvyi Rih Oncology Center. For many patients, the district center causes skepticism when one talks about the treatment. However, we would like to draw attention to the fact that Kryvy Rih has a half million population, and at one time raised the question of assigning the city the status of a regional center. In terms of oncological activity, Kryviy Rih is quite a "dynamic city". The institution, which has a history of history, in which worked more than one generation of physicians, who from year to year save thousands of patients.

History of the Kryvy Rih Oncological Center

After the end of the war, with the commencement of the city restoration, the medical service of Kryviy Rih began to recover. Due to the importance of the oncology problem in May 1948, the state reimbursed funds for the organization at the 3rd city hospital of the competition, where it was the doctor worked Mone Yosypovych Bistritsky and the nurse Dontsova Kateryna Yakovlevna. These were the first years of specialized cancer care for patients. Here patients were consulted, they, as well, got reference to the Dnipropetrovsk Oncological Center for radiotherapy. The surgery was carried out in surgical departments of the city. Nurse Katerina Yakovna organized and led the work of middle medical staff till 1982 when she retired.

In June 1955, 25 surgical beds of the oncological profile were allocated in the surgical department of the 1st city hospital. The department was headed by Alexander Ivanovich Trigubenko. He worked with him in 1958. The doctors are Zibina Maya Panasivna and Josef Piplipovich Brotslavsky.

On December 28, 1956, by order No. 186 of the city health department, the cancer service was allocated to an independent oncology hospital. The first chief physician was Joseph Pylypovich Brotslavsky. In the one-storeyed building there were 2 reception rooms for patients, a clinical laboratory, an X-ray diagnostic room, and in a year there were opened rooms of radiotherapy of solid radioactive isotopes.

Since 1959, for the remote treatment, a "gun" for radiation therapy was mounted - therapeutic treatment of cancer, "active beds" for radiation therapy began to function. Now people suffering from the disease did not have to go to Dnipropetrovsk. In 1966, oncology dispensaries, for inpatient offices, provided separate two-storey houses, which accommodated 120 beds (80 surgical and 40 gynecological). In gynecological department there were patients who performed surgical treatment of tumors of genitals and cancer patients who received radiotherapy.

There were 3432 patients registered. The staff of the center was 138 employees.

From 1960 to 1969, the chief physician of the dispensary was Maya Opanasivna Zybina. The surgical department was headed by Lev Viktorovich Koryakov, while gynecologist department was led by Manelis Mariya Yukhimovna. Radiotherapy was conducted by Mikhail Abramovich from Israel. Ivanovich Svistunov performed remote radiation therapy using gamma radiation with radioactive Co-60.

M.O. Zibin combined administrative and medical activities (there was no substitute for medical work in the state). She was an active, skilled surgeon who monitored the professional growth of doctors. In 1969, M.O. Zybina approved the project, received permission to build a complex for an oncology center. In the same year she moved to Kyiv. Vladimir Fedorovich Puzirov became the chief physician, and he put a lot of health into the construction of a health care hospital.

In September 1973, there were 210 beds in the oncology center with 80 surgical beds, 70 beds for radiation therapy and 60 gynecological. Surgery department headed by GM Gubanov, Radiological T.K.Pronevaya, gynecological G.P. Vacuum

Since 1973, Deputy Chief Physician for medical work

became Krugov B.O. He actively organizes ontocular room for 30 beds, and this department opened in 1974 being headed by Yelchaninov SP

From December 8, 1974 to October 1, 1976, Chief Physician was assigned to be Romashov Stanislav Stepanovich. From October 1, 1976 to May 1998, the chief physician was Shust Volodymyr Nikolayevich. Vakulyuk G.P. worked as the deputy, and the gynecological department was managed by Zubareva O.F.

During these years, the cytological method and colposcopy for the diagnosis of the pathology of the cervix were actively introduced in the city. It made possible to detect cervical cancer in stage I in 60% of cases.

Since August 6, 1985 Leonid Leonidovich Stepanov has been appointed as chief physician of the center. In 1987, the department of chemotherapy opened, which headed by V.G. Komisarenko.

Kryvyi Rih Oncology Center is one of the most prominent in Ukraine and the Union, actively conducting endoscopic, radioisotope diagnostic methods, expanding surgical methods of treatment, chemotherapy, widespread use of combined methods, and active prophylactic work.

At this time, high-qualified doctors headed the department: surgical department worked under the guidance of P.G. Belikov, gynecologist - O.F. Zubareva, Radiological - T.K. Proneva, (after - E.M. Violin, chemotherapeutic - S.P. Yelchaninov

From January 1992 to May 2017, Oncology Center was headed by Sidak Yevhen Rostislavovich. He finished expanding the area of the center by buiding the department, the worls that were begun by L.L. Stepanov. This department was headed by L.A. Chaychenko. At the department there were doctors - oncologists such as surgeons, gynecologists, mammologists, chemotherapists, urologists, otolaryngologists, and children's oncologists. Three times a week ambulatory surgical interventions are performed. The department is designed for 175 receptions of patients per day. It is possible to carry out X-ray, computer, ultrasound, endoscopic, radioisotope examination. Since 1995 there is a day-care hospital for 5 beds. Every day at the consultation with the heads of departments, the plan for the treatment of patients is approved and the diagnosis is specified in difficult cases.

In spite of financial difficulties, in December 1992 the necessary department of intensive care and intensive care started functioning. Active participation in the creation and organization of which was taken by a doctor - an anesthetist S.V. Mikhalevsky

Since February 1994, T.V. became the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for medical work. Sukhina, and since 1998 - O.V. Medvedkov, who makes a lot of effort in controlling the implementation of current plans and decisions.

Since 1994, the registration of patients, control of prophylactic examination has been transferred to magnetic carriers. At the center there is a population and hospital chancellor-register, which, since December 2011, is headed by S.V. Fist.

Doctors from the cancer center are engaged not only in practical work, but also conduct scientific and practical analysis. During this time, more than 100 scientific articles were published in central journals, congress materials. Doctors are active participants in trips, symposia of oncologists of Ukraine. Nine doctors became candidates for medical sciences such as M.O. Zibina, L.V. Koryakov, ME Manelis, MO Gurievich, Yu.O. Poluektov, Ya.G. Reichman, Z.G.Slivinskaya, I.G. Obraztsov, G.A. Adamchuk According to the order of the regional state administration № 138 dated 15.04.1999, 4 districts (Apostolovsky, Krivorozhsky, Sofiivskyi, Shyrokivskyi) were transferred to the Kryvy Rih oncological center for medical diagnostic and organizational-methodical assistance and the registration and control of medical examination in the registry chancellery.

Today, 356 full-time positions are approved in oncology clinic, including 66.5 doctors. More than 85% of doctors are certified. There are 41 physicians in Vishu and I category.

The number of appeals for ambulatory and inpatient medical care in the Krivoy Rog Cancer Center reaches 64 thousand per year. In the center there are up to 2,5 thousand surgical interventions per year. Every year, about 6.5 thousand patients receive inpatient treatment. At the dispensary record in the institution there are about 2 thousand patients. It is 26% of the entire dispensary group in the region . In addition, the morbidity in the ecologically loaded Kryvyi Rih exceeds the average regional indicators by 11%. The problem of helping the oncological patients is very complicated, because it requires a lot of effort from all staff members.

Becker Sergey Yevgeniyovych Head doctor

Kulak Sergey Valerievich Kryvyi Rih Oncology Center

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