Dear colleagues!

We got solidarity and integrity in the work of our trade union organization with the strong support and assistance of the regional organization of health care workers led by L.M. Valevsky and based on understanding and support in the administration of the institution headed by the chief physician Yu. M. Zavalko. The absence of confrontation contrasts with the dialogue, cooperation, understanding of every personality, understanding of the problems of each employee is the main motto at work. Members of the trade union committee are aware of high professionalism, constant responsibility for gettin better the workplace and the health of every employee of the hospital, regardless of the position they occupy, caring for them, unity in decision making will survive the turbulent times of political upheaval and hostilities in the zone. ATO, the formation of civil society in independent Ukraine. Being inspired greately I would like to say that in our hospital, the level of material and technical and medical processes has improved significantly in accordance with modern requirements after the arrival of the chief physician, a member of the union Yu. M. Zavalko. We are on the same ship in the turbulent sea of reorganization healthcare processes, and only we can change the situation for better.

We constantly hear that we run out of funds in the state, including measures to protect the labor force. But this is one of the priority areas of work. Therefore, the issues of labor protection at our hospital are constantly under the control of the chief doctor and the trade union committee. Receive and urgently updated means of individual protection for workers, maintenance of medical equipment and equipment, testing of ground contours, metrological testing of devices. Working in harmful conditions gets prophylactic nutrition. At the appropriate level, organizational work is being conducted to prevent occupational injuries. The hospital is provided with all-Ukrainian legislative and regulatory literature on occupational safety. There is a separate, up-to-date equipped security office.

The state of injuries, occupational diseases, accidents is systematically analyzed and conceived at the meetings of the social insurance commission headed by the chairman of this commission L. Chuiko, which also includes representatives of the trade union committee, and if necessary, these issues are discussed at medical conferences. There are problems, but we try to solve them. Organizational and preventive work on avoiding occupational injuries on the ground is at rather high level. For many years, there are no cases. Familiarity with the rules of safety in the offices is carried out not formally but systematically, under the strict control of the trade union committee. There are disadvantages, but they are eliminated.

During the previous year the trade union committee sends almost all the funds in support of our employees and their families in severe illnesses (mass of oncopathology, serious chronic diseases, purchase of medicines, burial of relatives, relatives, misfortunes, etc.). Each month, this is approximately 85-90% of all our material support allocated to them. To help our guys in the ATO zone, we allocated 2.5 thousand hryvnias, and also provided the material assistance to their families.

Dear colleagues! Now life is extremely complicated. Acknowledging the practically everyday appeals of members of our trade union organization to the trade union committee, we are extremely concerned about the constant rise in prices for essential food products, goods for daily consumption, tariffs for utility

services, rising gas prices, electricity prices, and transport fares. Particularly outraged is the fact that all this is happening without taking preventive steps towards social protection of the population, such as wage increases, pensions, subsidies, compensation payments, etc.

The commission of the trade union committee on social and economic issues chaired by VZ Zadorozhny method of the survey traced how much our employee spent on travel from and to work only in two modes of transport. Colleagues, impressive figures - up to 46% of the total salary. And how about living? Therefore, I would like to express the words of gratitude to the member of the trade union, the chief physician Yu.M. Zalalka on behalf of the collective, which allowed us to work during the day. This is a very significant and thought-out step towards employees. And in the conditions of work of the psychiatric hospital, this question is very complicated.

We are health care workers. Unfortunately, they are not very experienced in constantly changing laws. Yes, and a lot of laws - like a shit, where to turn, it turned out. And practically all the appeals of trade union members to the trade union committee aimed to obtain a clear explanation of one or another situation.

It is very difficult to navigate. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the head of the trade union organization, LM Valevskaya, and his executive office for the prompt, precise and coordinated work at a high professional level, concrete practical assistance to our trade union committee for our appeals.

The trade union has analyzed, what number of members of the trade union of the hospital applied to the trade union committee and on what questions on years:

- Regarding working time: 2011 - 82, 2012 - 73, 2013 - 64, 2014 - 51, 2015 - 35, 2016 - 21, 2017 - 2. Conclusion - labor and industrial discipline, personal responsibility of all categories of employees of our hospital for the work performed considerably improved.

- On labor remuneration: 2009 - 181, 2012 - 153, 2013 - 101, 2014 - 66, 2015 -34, 2016 - 9, 2017 - 3. The conclusion is clear control by the administration and the trade union committee for the work of the accounting and economic service on this issue. - Regarding the labor valuation: 2011 - 19, 2012 - 11, 2013 - 9, 2014 - 6, 2015 - 4, 2016 - 1, 2017 - no. Conclusion - the issue is also at the constant control of the administration and the trade union committee. - Regarding rest time: 2011 - 56, 2012 - 42, 2013 - 21, 2014 - 6, 2015 -2, 2016 - 1, 2017 - 2.

It should be noted that the head physician Yu.M. Zavalko, in accordance with the rules of the current legislation, the collective agreement, the Rules of the internal labor regulations once and for all, together with the trade union committee, solves these issues. - Regarding the accuracy of the calculation of the length of service: 2011 - 16, 2012 - 12, 2013 - 8, 2014 - 6, 2015 - 4, 2016 - 1, 2017 - no.

The conclusion is the precise work of the personnel department and its head L.V.Rozenko. Incidentally, she is a member of the trade union committee, the chairman of the permanent working commission. - On other issues: 2011 - 96, 2012 - 108, 2013 - 111, 2014 - 146, 2015 -215, 2016 - 332, 2017 - 326 (for the first half-year).

The conclusion is stable active collegial work of the commissions of the trade union committee with the administration. This figure is positive. People apply for help and get it. They, practically, have nowhere to turn. Here I would like to say that sometimes disappointment is the attempt of individual workers to force members of the union not to apply to the trade union committee, or to leave the union together. A trade union can not make decisions that are contrary to the current legislation, and the administration can not issue such orders as well. And out of the many thousands of our team's staff there were only two people left over in three years!

During five years the largest number of applications has been registered from junior medical personnel, working support services. Percentage:

- Workers: 2011 - 46.3%, 2012 - 52.2%, 2013 - 61.5%, 2014 - 67%, 2015 - 72%, 2016 - 78%, 2017 - 67 (first half). By the way, no complaints! Only with the help and explanations in difficult situations on one or another issue.

Conclusion - thanks to the skillful leadership of the deputy chief medical officer, a member of the trade union, Ruslan V. Trishechkin, the number of appeals of the most difficult part of our collective fell sharply. Previously, this figure reached almost 90%.

- Younger nurses: 2011 - 66.1%, 2012 - 52.2%, 2013 - 41.5%, 2014 - 35%, 2015 - 32%, 2016 - 31.1%, 2017 - 4%.

The conclusion is the skilful professional leadership of the chief nurse, Bal Anatoliy Semenovich, by the way, the most attractive and knowledgeable leader in his area in all the Dnipro region.

- Doctors: 2011 - 26, 2012 - 17, 2013 - 11, 2014 - 9, 2015 - 5, 2016 - 3, 2017 - 2.

- Others - 3.1%.

Conclusion - due to the professional leadership of the deputy chief doctor for medical treatment, members of the union, Andriyko M.F., Levchenko O.D., Chuiko L.V., Zadorozhny V.Z. reduced the appeals of doctors and medical psychologists. Previously, this figure reached almost 30% or more.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine there was a paradox regarding the assessment of the work of a doctor. The work of a psychiatrist in civilized countries has been the most respectful and highly paid. But, to my great regret, it has not happened in our country yet. In line with the assessment of the Association of Psychiatrists on physical and psycho-emotional stresses, the work in psychiatry can be compared with the pressure put on the pilot during the flight. N.N. Amosov said: "Do not expect too much from the medicine, it treats a lot of illnesses well, but it can not make a person immune to illness, in the same time it can not even teach how to become healthy. Unfortunately, health is understood as the important goal only when a person is afraid of death, when it is difficult to do something. As a result, it is a sad outcome and the accusation of a doctor in an unjustified "crime" that does not exist at all.

By the way, unreasonable complaints about doctors became really typical. Why? There is no liability for the unlawful actions of those who harass doctors. It's time for our Verkhovna Rada to adopt the relevant laws. It's been a long time.

These statements by the academician directly affect our institution as well. We are witnesses when unreasonable complaints from relatives of mentally ill persons become subject of vigilant consideration by the security forces, even without having dealt with the substance of the matter beforehan. Next, hypertensive crisis, heart attacks and strokes in doctors and the development of our professional illness - burnout syndrome. We are on the verge of global reforms in psychiatry, this will make an impact on everyone in the nearest future in connection with healthcare reform, so we need to think about our protection now.

If you turn to the Law "On Psychiatric Care" for two thousand years, then it can be seen that protecting the mentally ill, the law does not provide sufficient protection for doctors. Therefore, the role of the trade union committee and its standing committees on the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the working people is very important, and its new directions are laid down in the relevant clauses of the collective agreement. By the way, well-grounded, understandable, far-sighted requirements of our administration, headed by the chief physician Yu.M. Zavalko on the organization of medical and diagnostic work, the management of medical documentation, the observance of deontology and medical ethics, setting the goal, first of all, care of the patient , improvement of his health, performance of clinical protocols, standards of diagnosis and treatment, and directly protect us, employees of the institution. On the other hand, it is impossible to work at the regional psychiatric clinic of our level at the present stage of society's development. For example, hospitalization without a conscious consent through a court. If it does not do it thoroughly, then instead of a doctor-speaker, each of us may be the defendant in court. The same applies to the requirements for keeping records of the disease, medical documentation, in general - our daily work. It's complicated, difficult, unusual, I understand. But it is necessary. Why do I stop at this - this is the protection of union members. Protection that directly relates to the specifics of the work of the trade union committee in the regional psychiatric clinic. On this issue, we have developed an entirely new monitoring of the work of the trade union committee in the new direction that we need for each of us - at a round table at each trade union meeting to hear trade unions on the progress of the implementation of the plans of the departments and services, and more often attend meetings in trade groups. Believe me, this is very difficult. It is important not to duplicate the administration, but to work on a parity basis to further protect the rights and interests of workers

through the prism of improving the culture and quality of psychiatric care for the population.

And it's easier - to protect us all as much as possible during the period of difficult work reorganization and reforms. Members of the trade union committee O. Kh. Khizhnyak, S.I. Pavlenko, L.I. Lavrinenko developed completely new, nowhere and no one describes the methods of work of the profgogroups who are directly related to the specifics of the work of the psychiatric hospital. And we will gradually implement them in life. Such requirements are time.

About the group

Firstly, the most important element of our trade union organization is a trade union group. One problem with a profgorgor is to take the first blow. The trade union committee sees in its trade unions its reliable and plenipotentiary representatives and will continue to direct their efforts to enhance their image and authority. Our plans provide for their participation in meetings of the trade union committee, events of the information direction, providing the necessary methodological materials, providing constant assistance and support. Trade union should constantly offer the team something its own, new, interesting, and most importantly - do not repeat. We have 55 trade groups - it's a lot.

Now, not only the attitude of society to psychiatry is changing. But psychiatry itself radically changes its traits. The number of mentally ill patients is increasing. The etiology, pathogenesis, clinic and methods of diagnostics and treatment of mental illness are changing. The attitude of the society to the mentally ill is changing. The Law of Ukraine "On Psychiatric Aid" more or less protects the patient, but practically does not protect the doctor. Its pitfalls sometimes are difficult to escape. Doctors are sometimes justified every day for relatives of patients, neighbors, law enforcement agencies, independent commissions (by the way, without specialists in psychiatry, or without any medical workers at all). The media is increasingly tracing "the fault of doctors in everything." Attempts to persecute physicians, threats.

It's time to defend yourself. Namely - to apply to the court with the requirement to protect the rights from a pre-planned slander, humiliation of the honor and dignity of the doctor, have clear regulatory documents about their rights and responsibilities. And they have it. This is a collective agreement, internal labor regulations, job descriptions, clinical protocols for the treatment of mentally ill, other regulatory documents. We are mentally ill in front of us. So let us treat it and return it to the community.

Chairman of the trade union committee of the communal institution "Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital" O. V. Kalyuzhny

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