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Zdorovye - - САНАТОРИИ, КУРОРТЫ - Sidko Nikolay Petrovich Director of the Sanatorium.

For the majority it's not a secret that the main sightseeing of Poltava region is Mirgorod resort town. Mirgorod is a city of peace. At one time, this place was glorified all over the world by Gogol. In 1915, Ivan Andreevich Zubovsky, unique mineral waters were discovered, which became famous throughout Europe for their medicinal qualities. In the minds of many people, Mirgorod is associated with the resort, but in 20 minutes drive from the center there is a sanatorium named after Gogol, which is also famous for its silence, healing properties of water, as well as a wellness base.

Tell us in brief about the history of the sanatorium?

Initially, the Gogol sanatorium was planned as a strictly endocrinological center, but due to certain successful circumstances a sanatorium was built, named after the great writer. Sanatorium named after N. Gogol is located in the picturesque city Mirgorod, in Poltava. The founder of the resort is Zemstvo doctor Ivan Andreevich Zubovsky, who in the distant 1915 started using Mirgorod mineral water for mineral baths, and a year later - for treatment. The successful combination of medicinal qualities of mineral water, favorable climatic conditions, unique in the poetry of the Khorol River, became the main stimulating factors in the solution of the issue of improving the railway workers. And it is for this reason that in 1981 the beautiful buildings of the sanatorium grew up. In the sanatorium there are 260 beds, it has a modern medical-diagnostic and treatment and health-improving complex. Being depicted in the poetry of the river Khorol, became the main stimulating factors

Tell us about the healing qualities of water?

The mineral water of the sanatorium comes from a well, the depth of which is more than 700 meters. The water has an average mineralization. Virtually no contraindications, except for patients with high acidity. A successful combination of medicinal qualities of mineral Mirgorod mineral water is consecrated in the chapel of St. Panteleimon and receives miraculous healing qualities. There are shopping mall, mini-ATB, modern dance and cinema-concert halls, taxis. The sanatorium is the base for seminars, conferences, business meetings. In 2003, the sanatorium named after N. Gogol took part in the All-Ukrainian National Program "Leading Enterprise of Ukraine" in the nomination "Sanatorium and Resort Complex of Ukraine". On August 22, 2003, the sanatorium became the laureate and received the honorary diploma "The

Best Sanatorium and Resort Complex of Ukraine" for the development of qualitatively new approaches to the formation of the economic model of the enterprise by the decision of the Scientific and Expert Council of the Assembly of Business Circles of Ukraine (Institute of Rating Studies). Qualified doctors prescribe effective treatment using the main factor of the Myrhorod weakly mineralized chloride-sodium water, which the sanatorium receives from two wells located on the territory. An integral part of the treatment is dietary nutrition, which is prepared by highly qualified chefs, a variant of custom and restaurant service is used. Hours of leisure will bring unforgettable impressions and new acquaintances. "You can not heal the body without healing the soul ...". You will receive the peace of mind in the chapel of the holy healer Panteleimon on the unique embankment of the Khorol river with sculptures of Gogol characters and N. Gogol himself, which remind of the famous fair in the village of Velikie Sorochintsy.

What is included in the health-improving complex of the sanatorium?

Before I tell you about the health-improving complex and the sanatorium base, I would like to tell you about the beautiful park that is on its territory which represents the picturesque surroundings. Mirgorod, rich deciduous-coniferous forest, the scent of green meadows, flowering gardens and centuries-old lime trees, shady parks and groves on the banks of Khorol are important factors that help many patients recover their lost cheerfulness, good mood, and efficiency. More than 130 species of coniferous trees, an alley of 15 meter high cypress trees. Also here are chic tuyu rounded hands gardener, cedars, 20 meter fir trees, all this wealth adorns the territory of the sanatorium, this is not typical for the middle zone, where after drinking medicinal mineral water you can stroll along the pine alley. In the health resort a modern medical-diagnostic

complex has been created, where everything is necessary for thorough research and qualified treatment. All medical procedures are prescribed after a preliminary examination in the diagnostic rooms of the sanatorium, which includes a modern laboratory, endoscopy rooms, radiography, ultrasound, thermography, functional diagnostics, and radiodiagnostics. In the endoscopy room are used esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy, intestinoscopy, collonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, choledochoscopy. Planned endoscopic examination is carried out to clarify the nature of the pathological process, suspected or established by other methods of clinical examination of the patient, and obtaining material for morphological research. High resolution, the possibility of carrying out multiple studies, the safety of ultrasound diagnostics and, in this connection, the absence of any contraindications contributed to the fact that ultrasonography became widespread in the health resort. The ultrasonic diagnostic cabinet is equipped with the ALOKA SSD 1400 device. Its methods allow obtaining important diagnostic information on the state of various organs, in particular, the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, prostate, adrenal, thyroid, etc. In the general complex of examinations X-ray diagnostics with computer processing of X-ray data are included. Significant assistance in conducting diagnostics, including differential diagnosis, is provided by the clinicobiochemical and bacteriological laboratory. It carries out a complex of clinical, biochemical and bacteriological analyzes necessary for the determination of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and concomitant pathology.

After examining the patient, the doctor makes a treatment plan, assigns mineral water, hydrotherapy, diet, climatotherapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage and the appropriate rest regime. The main

therapeutic factor of the health resort is the slightly mineralized chloride-sodium sub-thermal (21.2 ° C) mineral water. Mineral water is prescribed depending on the underlying disease, its stage and phase, concomitant pathology, general condition and individual characteristics of the organism. For vacationers it is arranged a pump room for dispensing mineral water.

The accumulated experience allowed health resorts to develop and justify some methods of treatment with mineral baths.

Regarding the age of the patient, the condition of his organism, the main and accompanying diseases, mineral baths are appointed in the form of common baths, semi - baths, pearl, herbal baths, and underwater shower - massage. They normalize the functional state of the central nervous system, favorably affect the endocrine system and redistribution of blood, improve metabolism, restore the damaged functions of the body. To prevent a number of diseases and harden the body, water procedures are prescribed using fresh water, in particular the soul. Charcot, Scots, rain and circular are used for functional diseases of the central nervous system, ascending - with hemorrhoids, prostatitis, sexual weakness. These procedures cause a feeling of warmth, freshness, vivacity, improve appetite, sleep and general condition.

Along with natural healing factors, in the complex of treatment of diseases of the digestive organs, physiotherapy is used in the sanatorium. Among the methods of electrotherapy, the most widely used are galvanization and electrophoresis. To normalize the acid-forming and secretory functions of the stomach, there are appointed solux, inductothermy, ultrasound, UHF therapy, treatment with magnetic fields. In diseases of the digestive system with pain syndrome, dynamic and sinusoidal-modulated currents, electrosleep are widely used.

At the end of the publication I wanted to say that the world's land is rich not only with curative springs of mineral water, beautiful parks, positive energy. Mirgorod is a spiritual and historical center of Ukraine. Every year near Mirgorod, the fair is held by Gogol Sorochinsky. On the territory of the Fair, the color of Poltava is presented - not only in souvenirs, fakes, but also in Ukrainian songs, dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, works of art. We all know Natalka Poltavka from Kotlyarovsky's opera. We all know "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", the whole world knows such characters as Dopchinsky and Bobchinsky, one of the most popular monuments of a pig-peacekeeper. Also very popular is the holiday of Ivan Kupala, Maslenitsa .. Healing region, where both spiritual and physical strengths are restored, enveloped in history, spirituality and culture, unique in the whole world!

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