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The state and civil society are responsible for preserving the gene pool of the Ukrainian nation. Unfortunately, public health and mental health, in particular, did not become a priority of social state policy in the second decade of the XXI century. Although the sharp polarization of society into the poor and very rich, unemployment, poverty, war, a large percentage of crime, the replacement of traditional moral and religious values with the ideology of the rule of money, fear of tomorrow and leads to an increase in the incidence and spread of mental disorders, repression of society and the propensity to suicide .

Kyiv City Psychoneurological Dispensary №1 has been functioning since 1974, and is a member of the TMO "PSYCHIATRY" in Kyiv. From 01/02/2012 the agreement on cooperation between the CMMC # 1 and the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupika

The Kyiv City Psychoneurological Dispensary No.1 provides highly qualified counseling and diagnostic and therapeutic and prophylactic assistance to adults, children and adolescents with various psychiatric disorders, both acute and chronic: examination of a person's mental state for addressing the issues of patients' capacity for work, their professional orientation, professional suitability and burns, as well as social rehabilitation activities aimed at creating lost and gaining new skills, including the ability to support remissions.

Psychosocial rehabilitation in the CMMC # 1 is aimed at the restoration of violations of the cognitive, motivational and emotional resources of the individual in mentally ill people with social adaptation problems and certain difficulties of integration into society.

The highly qualified staff of the dispensary ensures compliance with the scope and quality of providing specialized assistance to the population both in Kyiv and in other regions of Ukraine. Among the employees of the ambulatory-polyclinic department of the dispensary, headed by experienced specialist Klyshkina-Volvakh O.P., two honored doctors of Ukraine Tsymbal L.O. and Zvershchovsky G.A., doctors and nurses of the highest category Nagornaya T.V., Moroshkina N.K., Sergienko V.F., Shugaley O.V., Lyashenko A.G., Removed S.P., Naumenko T.V., Dobrovolskaya Y.M. . Owing to their efforts, the department fosters traditions based on the principles of humanity and highly professional medical care, creating a special psychotherapeutic climate that promotes the successful treatment of patients. An important role in this is played by the work of middle and junior staff under the guidance of a researcher specializing in higher education, the chief medical nurse of the dispensary Dudchenko L.G.

The main goal of the department of psychosocial rehabilitation, headed by Romanchenko L.V, is to improve the quality of life of our patients in revealing the vital potential, minimize the negative impact of stigmatization and possible

discrimination of people with mental disorders.

Methods of treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill patients are used, both academic and non-traditional methods: artistic, cultural, moral-humane. They are aimed at creating a new model of life, reassessing the "painful" experience, feeling the value of their own personality and restoring the ability of further existence in the world around them. The work is conducted taking into account the individual programs of rehabilitation (IVR) of the disabled, taking into account the medical and social rehabilitation possibilities of the mentally ill people, in particular the possibility of employment.

The department of active treatment of mental disorders with beds of border and crisis states for 50 people works on the basis of principles: availability, planning, proper selection of patients for treatment taking into account the nature of psychopathological disorders, the formation of a team of patients in the department, creating an atmosphere of respect for the decision of the doctor, the nurse's competence of each employee.

The self-supporting department of the primary medical examination for issuing certificates on the state of mental health forms an extra-budgetary special fund for the dispensary. In addition to the department work there are 8 more people are employeed.

Highly professional team of financial and economic service headed by Lisovska O.A. provides a large extent to the economic needs of a dispensary, repairs, and the purchase of everything necessary for solving problems in the dispensary.

The protection of the rights of the staff of the dispensary is carried out by a trade union committee headed by an energetic, highly skilled Shkoropad V.V. Thanks to the seminal work of the trade union committee, the staff of the dispensary every year was awarded with diplomas and prizes of the Council of the Kiev city trade union of health workers.

The staff of the psychoneurological dispensary under the difficult conditions of the present day perform complex and delicate work on providing psychiatric care to different age contingents of the capital's population - children, adolescents, adults, demonstrating a high professional level, an individual approach, an understanding of the personal needs of patients.

All resources of the dispensary are used, that allows us to provide counseling and diagnostic, treatment and preventive care as well as conducting psycho-social rehabilitation. This team provides the dispensary with its significant contribution to the reintegration into society of people with cognitive impairments, motivational, emotional disorders, manifestations of maladaptation. Each employee of the dispensary demonstrates not only the professional qualities necessary for performing functional duties, but also the specific features necessary to improve the treatment, diagnosis, and improve the quality of patients’ lives. Chubko Orest Bogdanovich

Head doctorChubko Orest Bogdanovich Head doctor

Kiev city psychoneurological dispensary № 1 Kiev, st. Turgenevskaya, 20

(044) 486-33-62

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