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LLC "Dentalika" was founded on 13.04.2011. First doctors who worked in the clinic were Ph.D. Malevich Elena Olegovna (doctor-orthodontist), candidate of medical sciences and Eismund Anatoly Petrovich (surgeon). Day by day, the clinic expanded servises provided conserning the needs of development. The clinic was visited by specialists in the treatment, restoration of dental orthopedic dentistry. The philosophy of the clinic is providing best quality along with social prices, alongside with creating condidtions where our succesful doctors have opportunity to work with pleasure. Not suprisingly, following this strategy the awards found their hero.

LLC "Dentalika" "based on the evaluation of the international rating program National Business Rating, became the" Leader of the Galusi "following the results of financial and economic activity. Director of LLC "Dentalika" was awarded with the title "Best Manager of 2015". "Lider rock 2017" Gold rated by the mediators of the middle of theUkraine in the nomenclature "Efficiency and profitability". Decision of the Presidium of the Assembly of Business Circles and the Scientific and Expert Council of the Program "Leaders of the XXI Century" In addition, "Dentalika" was awarded the highest public award of Ukraine of the Order "For the Valiant Valor", as well as the commemorative medal "25 rockivNezalezhnostіUkraїni". Dentalika LLC is the industry leader in the field of dentistry according to INTERNATIONAL RATING ASSOCIATION.

International public organization "Assembly of business circles" director of LLC "Dentalika" was awarded the "Order of Queen Anne" Honor of the Fatherland. "

Directions in which the dental clinic "Dentalika" works: teeth whitening. This procedure is extremely popular in modern dentistry, by using innovative technologies, dentists manage to make teeth whiter in several shades;

Surgical dentistry - procedures for the removal of teeth, cysts, operations in the mouth cavity, dental conservation treatments.

This section includes:

- Implantation of teeth;

- treatment of inflammatory processes (osteomyelitis, periostitis, phlegmon, abscess, maxillary sinusitis, periodontitis); - tooth-preserving operations;

- Fragmented / complete extraction of teeth;

- removal of various neoplasms in the maxillofacial region;

- preparation for prosthetics of the oral cavity; - treatment of pathological processes in the trigeminal nerve;

- treatment of diseases arising in the salivary glands; - operations on periodontal tissues, patchwork operations, clinical extension of the tooth crown; - Sinus-lifting;

- plasmolifting and homeopathic support of inflammatory diseases;

Orthodontics - treatment aimed at correcting the bite, as well as restoring the anatomically correct form of the dentition.

Includes installation:

- non-removable structures - bracket systems, elainers; - removable structures - plates, caps;

Therapeutic treatment - treatment of carious lesions of the oral cavity (pulpitis, caries, periodontitis), non-carious lesions (fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, hard tissue necrosis, wedge-shaped defect, etc.). Art restoration of teeth. Restoring crowns of teeth with veneers,

Orthopedic treatment: prosthetics with removable (full, partial, soft) and non-removable structures with support to own teeth and implants; Medical structures for diseases of the temporomandibular joint; metal-free ceramics; temporary structures, etc.

Pediatric dentistry: all types of dental care for children. Treatment and all manipulations with local and general anesthesia. In the treatment of our patients we use not only the traditional approach, but also plasmolifting, homeopathic therapy and phytotherapy.

The equipment meets the requirements of today and allows us to provide dental care at the highest level. The qualification of our specialists makes it possible to please our customers with a wide range of services.

The doctors in our clinic:

Malevich Elena Olegovna - Director of LLC "Dentalika", an orthodontist, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Eismund Anatoly, doctor-surgeon, candidate of medical sciences.

Goroshko Andrei Mikhailovich, an orthopedic physician.

Rudzinskaya Julia Sergeevna. Dentist.

Rasputina Galina Nikolaevna. Childrem’s dentist of the highest category.

Fesenko Elena Alexandrovna. The doctor is a children's dentist of the highest category.

Sulima Nadezhda Nikolaevna. The doctor is a dentist. The philosophy of LLC "Dentalika" and today is the rendering of qualified assistance at reasonable prices and, importantly, with joy for employees. There are no exaggerations, our clinic is our second home.

Dentalika LLC. G.

The Dnieper. Ul. Savchenko 3. (056) 7706723.

+38 (067) 8767575

+38 (050) 7451245.

+38 (073) 7301717.

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