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People come to hospital for to be treated not just lay in. Treatment must be effective, that is why it must correspond to world quality standards.

Zdorovye - - НЕВРОЛОГИЯ - Serdyuk Valery Nikolayevich director, ophthalmologist

Could you tell us about the recent achievements of the Center?

One of the main achievements is the reconstruction of the urologist center. At the moment, the construction of the new building is ongoing, thanks to the decision of the regional council and support of the Dnipro administration. I can say this is quite a serious step, and it was decided to invest in a fairly "good" case, which will create the best ophthalmological center, not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.

Due to the newest technologies used by in our center, the clinic is known, not only in our country and the post-Soviet space, but throughout Europe. The employees of the clinic often visit international conferences with reports, which, of course, generates interest in our clinic from foreign patients.

Tell us about the advantages of the Center, what is its uniqueness?

There are a lot of good clinics in Austria, Germany, and what do citizens of our country do? Begin to collect money for treatment, in order to go there for surgery. For many of us, these are huge sums. Why is that? Because they make unique operations abroad.

Reconstruction, which we started is quite a progressive and justified step, and it is a very interesting and unique program for Ukraine. Reconstruction is a concrete investment that will help to create a flow of foreign patients in the future, which will help not only to fill the budget, but also solve a social problem. It is well-known in world practice that local residents are treated at the expense of foriegn visitos. This is a good cause. In order for our patients to be treated for free in the future, we must create the best now.

What is the reconstruction of the hospital?

At the moment, the reconstruction into itself includes, first of all:

- operational world standard;

- Sterility of the world standard;

- placement of patients for a fairly short time nailing up to two days;

- changing the mentality of the patient. Patients should come to hospital to be treated. Treatment should be effective, and must meet the latest world standards.

Tell us about modern equipment and specialists of the Ophthalmology Center?

The Ophthalmology Center has been already equipped with modern facilities. The most valuable and most important thing is that the medical institution has its own school. After all, clinic is not only walls and equipment, but it is a school, where are young surgeons who are "capable of doing miracles" due to basis of our experienced professional staff.

At the moment we have a school and equipment. The only thing left is to align the premises and install modern equipment on telemedicine, so that the information flow is automated, i.e. to treat, using the techniques and technologies that exist in telemedicine today.

Through the establishment of the center, we will raise the quality of students' training, as they will be trained in contact with the treating surgeon.

In the study rooms, students, interns, doctors who have arrived for advanced training can observe the course of the operation, ask the treating surgeon, in the process of surgical intervention. Also, everyone can see a positive result. The clinic can conduct web seminars, and train from a distance.

At the moment, we have already had one webinar, with the translation of the operation to the European market (nine countries). We were pleased to receive a lot of positive feedback, many patients from Europe are ready to come to our clinic!

There are many innovative programs that will make the medical institution one of the best. The most important thing is that there is support and our entire team is waiting for the opening of the center. with that event, we will be able to enter into medical space. And then really there can be a speech about insurance medicine. Any insurance company will want to cooperate with such a center, where everything is done at the highest level.

What changes in the clinic occurred after the outbreak of the war in the Donbass?

All patients and ATU participants with eye traumas from the Donetsk region are sent to us. Basically - this is a military trauma. Here I would like to note a number of factors thanks to which we managed to achieve high results. First of all, the proximity to the multipurpose hospital named after Mechnikov and close cooperation with it and mutual understanding. The patient, as a rule, comes not only with an eye injury - it is a head injure, a fragmentation injure. Over the restoration of the wounded, as a rule, "conjures" several doctors at the same time, specializing in different directions. Neurosurgeons work, ENT surgeons work, maxillofacial surgeons and many others. And everyone in his industry "collects the sick" can be said in parts. Such closeness and such cooperation turned out to be very fruitful.

What is the training function of military hospitals?

- Rapid rendering of prompt help, within an hour after an injury.

- operative medical work of the center.

- Fast delivery from the battlefield.

Observance of these factors to many fighters helped to save not only ability to see, but also life. The eye is a thin enough structure. And it must be treated in the first hours after injury.

What are planning to do in the near future?

We do not stop there, gradually expanding the range of our services. I would like to emphasize that it is necessary, above all, to tkeep the workforce. I do not take into account only doctors, I'm talking about nurses. Nurse’s salary is quite low, and the temptation to find well-paid job is very high. It's very difficult to "bring up a good nurse". First of all, there must be one feature in her character - to share human pain, empathy. These are special people with special character. First of all, they like their work, they like to work with people. Their salary in our country is completely inadequate, in comparison with their work. Such people are very difficult to lose. It is very difficult to keep the team. Very large outflows abroad.

However, we hope that the building of a new clinic will allow us to distribute the salary fund on our own, so that we can increase the payment to our doctors. And Government of Ukraine will promulgate laws protecting us. And the reform will solve many of the problems that we all are so worried about.

Serdyuk Valery Nikolayevich director, leading ophthalmologist

Ophthalmological center "Dokol", the city of Dnepr +38 (056) 373-24-33

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