New trends in treatment of hypertensive crisis

Zdorovye - - НЕВРОЛОГИЯ - Chvora Dmitry Leonidovich Head. Department of Cardiology

Tell up briefly what the hypertensive crisis exactly is?

The hypertensive crisis is high blood pressure of patients with primary normal pressure or with hypertension, accompanied by a clinical picture and changes in the brain and heart, which are often life-threatening.

What are the causes of hypertensive crisis?

The thypertensive crisis can be caused by improper treatment of hypertension, various physical exertion, psychological and emotional stress, changes in atmospheric pressure, when a patient regulary skips taking medicine.

Tell us, please, about new trends in the treatment of hypertensive crisis?

Hypertensive crises are divided into two main types - complicated and uncomplicated.

Complicated crises are those crises that are life-threatening, require a rapid reduction in blood pressure within a few minutes. Complicated crises can lead to acute myocardial infarction, to cerebral blood flow disturbance-ischemic stroke or to cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding.

Uncomplicated hypertensive crises are not life-threatening, which require lowering blood pressure not instantaneously, but for several hours, there isno need of urgent hospitalization. Uncomplicated hypertensive crises do not lead to such life-threatening complications and can be treated by outpatient administration of tablets. Complicated hypertensive crises require hospitalization, including intravenous fluids .

What is the treatment of hypertensive crises?

Treatment consists of stopping further progression of the disease. First of all, to stop the development of stroke or acute coronary syndrome, acute myocardial infarction. Reducing blood pressure is necessary at 30% , this is one of the criteria for the effectiveness of reducing blood pressure and preventing complications.

Tell us about the prevention of hypertension?

First of all - regular, timely and effective intake of drugs prescribed by a doctor. The hypertensive crisis is a chronic disease requiring daily, constant treatment to prevent complications. In addition to taking medications, it is necessary to follow a diet with restriction of salt, control of blood pressure (once or twice a day as needed). There should be physical activity in a sparing, coaching mode. For people with essential hypertension, it is necessary to limit static physical activity.

Ederly pople have higher risk of the development of the disease. But unfortunately there is a frequent tendency of arterial hypertension development of young people as well, taking into account hereditary predisposition and the way of life. Usually, the development factor is the "sedentary" lifestyle, smoking, non-observance of the work and rest regime, violation of the normal ratio of sleep and exercise.

What can you advise our readers?

Readers of the journal "Health" frist of all I want to advise be healthy. Take care of your health from a young age carefully. It is necessary not to smoke, do enough physical excercises, monitor your diet, avoid provoking factors that can cause blood pressure among with stressful situations.

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