Abortion and its complications

According to the World Health Organization, about 220 million pregnancies occur every year in the world and at least 46 million result with artificial abortion. We will take a closer look at this medical procedure in this publication.

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Medical Abortion (Latin Abortus - miscarriage) - artificial termination of pregnancy performed by trained medical personnel in compliance with all requirements of the method. Medical abortion is carried out in a medical institution with the informed consent of a woman and mandatory registration of appropriate medical documentation.

Artificial termination of pregnancy is carried out at the request of a woman up to 12 weeks of pregnancy and in the presence of medical and social indications (after the conclusion of a special commission) until 22 weeks of pregnancy and also with the consent of the woman. Indications for abortion:

At their own desire, women interrupt pragnancy for up to 12 weeks with a referral from a women's consultation and a passport.

For medical reasons, termination of pregnancy is carried out if pregnancy and childbirth can worsen a woman's health and threaten her life or if fetal development abnormalities are found. The indications are set by the attending physician in conjunction with a specialist of the appropriate profile after the examination in a hospital. In this case, the woman writes a statement that the medical commission is considering.

As with any other medical method, abortion has its contraindications

Inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs. - Presence of purulent foci irrespective of the location of their localization

- Acute infectious diseases

Preparing for abortion

Before the termination of pregnancy, a preliminary outpatient examination is carried out. Collection of anamnestic data. Bimanual examination with examination of the cervix in the mirrors. Determination of the purity of the vagina. Clinical blood analysis. Common urinalysis. Determination of the blood group and Rh factor. Blood test for HIV. Syphilis. Hepatitis. Analysis of the coagulating blood system (according to indications). Ultrasound of the pelvic organs examination by a therapist. If necessary, consult with other specialists.

Methods of abortion.

One of the safe methods of artificially aborting early pregnancy as an alternative to surgical intervention is medical abortion.

The use of this method is allowed up to 6 weeks of gestation (the duration of menstruation delay is 42 days). The effectiveness of the method is up to 98%. After the interruption of pregnancy mandatory ultrasound.

Before 5 weeks of pregnancy, mini - abortion (vacuum aspiration) is performed to remove the fetal egg from the uterine cavity. Use an electric pump and cannula from flexible rigid plastic or metal. The efficiency of the method is 99%. After the termination of pregnancy, ultrasonic testing is performed.

Removal of the fetal egg in the period of 6 to 12 weeks

is made by scraping the walls of the uterus (expansion of the cervix and curettage) in a gynecological hospital. Possible complications of abortion itself

Hypotension of the uterus with bleeding.

-Incomplete removal of the fetal egg after scraping. -Perforation of the uterus.

- Cervical dysplasia.

Complications in the postoperative period

- The hematometer.

- Exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs.

- Placental polyp.

Long-term complications of artificial abortion Inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages (146 and 192%).

- Violations of the menstrual cycle (8 - 42%). -Izoimmunization with Rh-incompatibility.

-Disruption of patency of the fallopian tubes with the development of infertility or ectopic pregnancy. - Damage and degeneration of the endometrium formation of synechia in the uterus leading to impaired implantation and the development of fetal anomalies. - Damage and cicatricial changes in the internal pharynx and cervical resulting in an ischemic-cervical insufficiency and miscarriage.

-Psychogenic disorders.

- An adverse effect of artificial abortion on the functional and solitary state of the cardiovascular endocrine nervous system and other systems of the female body.

- Complicated during the subsequent pregnancy Increase in the frequency of the threat of interruption and miscarriage of the development of late toxicosis, the weakness of labor activity, the risk of bleeding in childbirth, the increase in the frequency of children with a low birth weight.

- Repeated artificial abortion - the cause of the pathological course of the climacteric period.

- Increased risk of dyshormonal diseases and breast cancer in women with three or more artificial abortions in history.

You can read about the methods of family planning and methods of contraception in detail in the next issues of the magazine.


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