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Tell us a history of the establishment? In 2017, the resort "Mirgorod" celebrates 100th anniversary. Today it is the leader of the sanatorium and resort complexes in Ukraine, in 2013 by the World Federation of Water and Climatology rewarded us with the name of the the best resort in the world. One of the pearls of the resort is the sanatorium "Berezoviy Gai" ( means"Birch grove" from Ukrainian language), specializing in the treatment of endocrine system diseases and metabolic disorders. The establishing of Ukrainian Center of Spa and Rehabilitation for children and adolescents suffering from diabetes mellitus in 2008 is the fact which confirms that today it is the leading resort in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In general, the sanatorium "Berezoviy Gai" has been specializing in the treatment of diabetes for more than thirty years. In 1983 the first specialized department of sanatorium and resort treatment of diabetes for adults and children began functioning on the basis of the sanatorium. This became possible with the participation and assistance of the endocrinologist A. S. Efimova, who also is the founder of the University of Endocrinology and Metabolism of V. P. Komisarenka and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Therefore, the scientific support of the department from the very beginning was at the highest level and today we actively cooperate with the leading specialists of the institute, together with them we implement the most up-to-date techniques. In 1994, the School of Life with Diabetes was founded on the basis of the department for the first time in Ukraine.

The next stage of development of this direction was our cooperation with German specialists. An international Mirgorod program for diabetes treatment and exchange of experience in this area was launched, we began to use the most up-to-date techniques and equipment in treatment. For example, the automatic analyzer of glucose in the blood of the company "Dr. Muller", provided by our German friends, which was unique for Ukraine. He was able

to detect blood sugar in 20 seconds. In 1997, our specialists got acquainted with the experience of diabetes treatment at the Barbie Clinic in Germany. This experience allowed us to introduce the new and modern techniques in the department, to substantially update and expand the program of the School of Life with Diabetes and to increase the treatment of diabetes mellitus in the Mirgorod resort to the world level. For example, today we use techniques that allow 5-6 years before clinical manifestations of the disease to determine whether a person is suffering from diabetes and which type, and the glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer provides a long-term-control of glycemic. Our specialists have developed and implemented methods for the treatment of diabetes using pneumopressing, which can significantly improve blood circulation and lymph drainage, which is very important in diabetic angiopathy. The sanatorium assembled all the equipment and techniques currently used in the world for the treatment of diabetes. And our foreign partners, who helped us a lot, state the fact that such a big and succesful work in diagnostic examinations and medical procedures there is nowhere in European clinics but only in the sanatorium "Birch grove" .

But this is just one of the areas of treatment that is being held at the Berezovy Gai sanatorium. In addition, as well as all subdivisions of the sanatorium and resort complex "Mirgorod", we effectively treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, as in recent decades, the problem of thyroid gland was also a problem, in 2011 the sanatorium opened a rehabilitation department for patients with thyroid gland diseases. The guests enjoy not only unique natural therapeutic factors and wide possibilities of physiotherapeutic treatment on the basis of the sanatorium, but also services of the general resort polyclinics and balneogryazhelearny, which today offer more than 300 kinds of diagnostic examinations and medical procedures. All listed above allows our to effectively normalize the metabolism of patients and to carry out a comprehensive recovery of the whole organism.

What exactly do you teach at the School of Life with Diabetes?

The "School of Life with Diabetes" was created in Ukraine in 1994 with a goal to increase the effectiveness of treatment at the sanatorium "Berezovyi Gai". We combined the best practices of Ukrainian and European doctors

and became the base in our country, so later teachers of such schools from all over Ukraine trained with us. The school is designed for 5 sessions covering all aspects of self-control and diabetes treatment. The proper nutrition consists of the optimal proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the required amount of food consumed in bread units. How does glucose level in blood fluctuate during the day and how it affects different products and physical activity. How to carry out self-control and use its results in treatment and much more. World statistics today confirms that high-quality self-control allows the patient to reduce costs for treatment by forty percent, and most importantly prevent serious complications and extend the duration of the full

What is the uniqueness of your water?

I want to say that the better water than us, no! A century ago, when the Mirgorod resort was opened, its water was compared with the saline composition of the famous waters of Baden-Baden, Soden, Aachen. But practice has shown that in the treatment of many diseases Mirgorodskaya water gives much more significant results. Our water normalizes gastric secretion and stimulates the secretion of bile, pancreatic enzymes,and has many other beneficial properties. This is a unique water. Important to say that due to this water in the complex of our treatment, we reduce the dose of insulin by 30 percent.

It is also important that our water is considered to be the most protected from negative external ecological interferences among mineral waters of Ukraine and has not changed its physical and chemical indicators for 100 years. Mirgorodskaya belongs to poorly mineralized chloride-sodium waters, and modern studies have shown that this causes less exacerbations in the treatment process and makes it more effective.

What advice do you recommend to our readers not to get diabetes mellitus?

It is necessary to avoid as much as possible a sedentary way of life and as much as possible to engage in physical education! Unbalanced nutrition, hypodynamia and stress are risk factors. Therefore, moderation in nutrition, rational physical activity, positive perception of life is necessary. In addition, we must take into account that the propensity to the disease is inherited. Therefore, it is necessary from the very early ages to persuade the children to be responsive to nutrition and to involve them in an active way of life.

And if they have become ill, they should go to medical institutions that provide the possibility of qualitative diagnosis and use the most up-to-date methods of treatment. Unfortunately, many people now trust the swindlers who for the sake of profit spread fairy tales about miraculous drugs from diabetes , which can cure in just a few weeks in the media. Those who believe the swindlers lose not only big money but also time and health. They expose themselves to serious complications and disappointments along with losing hope and confidence in their abilities. And this is the worst thing. Therefore, when there is a disease, do not forget that self-control and timely prevention of complications is a guarantee of successful treatment. Diabetes mellitus is not a verdict, it is only a different lifestyle.

Mandrika Andriy Yakovic, merits lіkar of Ukraine, head licking sanatorium

"Berezoviy gai" to the resort of Mirgorod,

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