Flower of the valley - a unique health-improving institution of Ukraine

Zdorovye - - NEWS - General Director of Suzirya Ltd. (sanatorium "Flower of the valley"), Honored Doctor of Ukraine GANNETS PAVLO PAVLOVICH

10 attractions and reasons, which inspire to visit sanatorium "Kvitka poloniny" LLC "Suzir'ia" - a recognized leader in the sanatorium and resort industry of Ukraine, multiple winner of prestigious international ratings

In "Flower of the Polonynia" - best of Carpathian nature and most effective of modern medicine, high quality European level of comfort and service 1. "Flower of the Polonynya" is the only health-improving institution in Transcarpathia which has a three-wider range of balneological therapeutic possibilities in comparison with other health resorts. Three varieties of unique mineral composition and medicinal properties - "Luzhanskaya-4", "Luzhanskaya-7", and "Polyana kvasova", which are extracted directly from deposits, are simultaneously both medicines and prophylactic natural remedies, and healing, hardening drinks.

2. In the health resort are treated not only "profile" diseases, but also many related. Their list is almost unlimited. In general, you can get rid of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, musculoskeletal system, upper respiratory tract, nervous system, cardiovascular system and many others.

3. The medical building is equipped with modern high-tech medical equipment. Here you can carry out the most accurate diagnostics and pass almost 50% of the most diverse megaeffective therapeutic procedures. Qualified medical specialists, including nearly thirty doctors in the first and highest categories, two candidates in medical sciences work.

Professional consultations are provided by doctors: gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist, pediatrician, urologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, vertebrologist, manual therapist, hirudotherapist, endoscopist,

iridiodiagnosticist, dentist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, psychoanalyst, etc. Individual ONLINE consultations of the leading medical specialists of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L. Shupika

4. Accommodation and meals - for every taste and purse. There are a large selection of rooms for guests: from luxurious three-room apartments in the building "Suzirya" to a simple cozy one-room double room - in the building "Flower of the valley".

The food is designed for supporter of strict diets, and for real gourmets. Specialists-cookers work at individual orders in the elite restaurant "Suzirya", and according to the type of "buffet" - in the restaurant "Kvitka Poloniny".

5. Attractive for vacationers is such convenience: in the sanatorium, all buildings are connected by warm transitions. Both living rooms and medical offices, restaurants, swimming pools, functional and utility rooms are under the same roof.

6. "Flower of the Polonyny" LLC "Suzirya" - a resort mini-town with all the modern infrastructure charms. In the sanatorium - one of the best in the Transcarpathian region is an indoor swimming pool for adults and children warmed up with water, artificial waterfalls, massagers, jacuzzi. The services of our guests are hairdressing salons, beauty parlors, gym, cinema hall, library, museum, internet cafe, free WI-FI, billiards, sports and playgrounds for children, children's room, equipped beach near the mountain river, recording for various excursions , hiking, as well as 24-hour parking, mini-markets, restaurant, cafe, souvenir market, pharmacy, post office, ATM, laundry and more. In winter, ski lifts (200 meters from the sanatorium), ice skating rink are available for lovers of active recreation.

7. Exclusive and innovations from "Flowers of the Polonynya".

In particular, the only one in the recreational system CHICKEN breeding horses of Hutsul breed, developed by the system of ipoteapy (treatment by riding a horse). Also, vacationers are able to horseback riding, carriage rides or sleigh rides in the winter.

Sleep Extracting is one of the most effective methods of treating the musculoskeletal system. Vertical underwater hood, modern equipment in the sanatorium allows for differentiated traction therapy of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar sections. IRIDODIAGNOSTICS - diagnosis of the condition of the iris of the eye.

APPARATION (treatment of diseases using live bees and bee products). SUN IN THE STARS WITH BJZOLA.

And also: cryotherapy (cold treatment), halotherapy (salt cave), phytoparotherapy (phytoderma), hirudotherapy (medical leech treatment), ozonotherapy (intravenous administration of medical ozone), phytotherapy (herbal medicine), state of the art equipment for cosmetology, presotherapy and many other wellness treatments. In "Flower of the Polonynya" - one of the best in Ukraine bathroom department. In the sanatorium practically all devices that are currently in possession of physiotherapy are used.

In general, the combination of traditional and non-traditional treatments, the continuous introduction of new methods of healing in "Flower of the Polonynia" guarantee the maximum therapeutic effect. 8. You will be fascinated by the well-equipped 15-hectare sanatorium. Her ornament is a unique arboretum with exotic trees and bushes, flowerbeds and original sculptural forms, a miniature lake with

lavender, cozy arbours and benches for recreation, artificial lakes with swans, a mountain river, true works of landscape architecture and even oasis with Carpathian fauna. Pavement colored pavement paths lure their soft curves to artificial reservoirs, where the decorative fishes playfully play off. Alpine slides and sophisticated flower beds impress with a variety of colorful combinations. All this creates an atmosphere of home coziness and elitist chic at the same time.

9. Comfortable and stunningly scenic location. The health resort is in a quiet area - the village Solochin Svalyava district of the Transcarpathian region, in the valley of the mountain river Pinyu, in the fringe of the majestic mountains with alpine meadows, coniferous and deciduous forest. "The flowering valleys" are called without exaggeration the heart of Ukrainian Switzerland.

The nearest railway station in Svalyava is 5 km away, and the Kyiv-Chop international highway is 2 km away. The convenience of the location of the "Flowers of the Polonynia" is also that the health resort is located in the very center of the Transcarpathian region, from where the nearest and fastest possible to get to any attractive tourist objects of our region. Distance to the neighboring states: Hungary -74 km, Slovakia -79 km, Romania-129 km.

10. And finally - a profitable price policy. She will be pleasantly surprised even by very sophisticated guests of the health resort.

In "Flower of Polonynia" there is a flexible system of discounts: for regular clients, for children, for "early booking", for "long stay" and "short stay", for hot rooms, seasonal discounts, etc.

In addition to spa packages (accommodation, treatment, meals) and courses (treatment, meals), you can only purchase accommodation or accommodation with certain types of procedures.

Sanatorium-holidays can be selected with "basic treatment" (only basic procedures) or with "comprehensive treatment" (all-inclusive package).

Believe me, your expenses will come back with guaranteed health, an opportunity with new enthusiasm, no sores and medicines to live and work even several months after the sanatorium treatment, but also for several years. In "Flower of the Polonynya" you will always have 10 advantages, 10 benefits, 10 conveniences, 10 priorities, 10 pluses, 10 trump cards, 10 privileges, 10 chances for recovery and 10 chances of unforgettable holidays, which are the ten differences that distinguish the best Transcarpathian health resort among other similar ones.

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