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UMBB is located in the magnificent picturesque corner of western Ukraine in the sunny Transcarpathia in Uzhhorod on the border with four European countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland.

Uzhhorod is famous for its unique longest European alley of Japanese savor and magnolia, which bloom in April and May with delicate pink petals and delight local residents, as well as attract a large number of tourists.

Uzhhorod Maternity Hospital began its work in 1947 and until 1977, was located near the regional clinical hospital. From 1950 to 1959, he was head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Uzhhorod and at the same time he was the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Mykola Baksheyev, a Ukrainian Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist, a doctor of medical sciences (since 1951), a professor (since 1952), a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR since 1966).

Since 1977, UMPB, after the construction of the building of the Uzhgorod City Clinical Hospital, became the unit of the latter, and in 1994 moved to the modern European Corps, where it continues its work and now.

Although the official birth of the modern obstetrical and gynecological service in Transcarpathia occurred much earlier, in the far 1894 when Professor Andriy Novak based on the current Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital (which, incidentally, proudly wears his name) opened the first obstetric beds .

The construction of the present center of obstetric and gynecological service of the region was started in the early 90's. Over the past 4 years, a building was built that meets all modern world standards for providing midwifery assistance. For example, it is noteworthy that the facility is built in the form of a shamrock that allows each wing, if necessary, to be isolated and function autonomously.

Since 2005 Uzhhorod City Maternity Hospital has been separated from the Uzhgorod City Central Clinical Hospital and since then, in fact, it is a health care and preventive institution of the 3rd level of accreditation, which provides in-patient obstetrical

and gynecological and neonatologic assistance in the city and region with the use of high-tech equipment, tools, equipment and the use of modern effective methods of diagnosis, treatment, family support. This explains the level of the institution's load: a quarter of all newborns in the oblast are born here.

The facility is a powerful structure that provides outpatient and inpatient care for the female population and includes, in addition to technical, administrative and diagnostic units, obstetric physiological and observatory departments for 90 beds, a department for 30-bed pregnancy, a neonatology unit for 60 beds, a gynecological department 40 beds, anesthesiology and intensive care unit for 6 beds, 4-bed intensive care unit and 2 women's consultations.

In addition, the Uzhgorod City Maternity Hospital is the clinical base for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Faculty of Medicine and the Chair of Maternity and Childhood Protection at the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Preparation of the Uzhgorod National University University. The scientific staff of departments introduce the most up-to-date world standards for pregnancy, childbirth, prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of gynecological diseases into the work of the institution. The close scientific and practical cooperation with other profile departments of the University is also established.

In 2006, the institution received the honorary status of the "Child Friendly Hospital". It should be recalled that the WHO European Office in 1998 developed and approved the concept "Health for All in the 21st Century", the main provisions of which are the provision of effective perinatal care and the organization of breastfeeding in the neonatal period and during the first year of life. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine in 2007 issued an order and developed recommendations on the criteria and procedure for assessing the health care institution to comply with the "Child Friendly Hospital" status. These criteria are rather high and rigid, and they can not be achieved by anyone.

Built in accordance with European standards, UMBB annually accepts about 4000 births, including a significant proportion of women born from other areas with various kinds of complications during pregnancy. The appropriate conditions, professional approach and the opportunity to go to preterm infants, the "Hospital for Children", confirms this status every day.

In order to inspect and treat the institution, the residents of the city, region and the whole region apply. The gynecological department introduces modern endoscopic techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system. Highly skilled doctors who have been trained in the best clinics in Europe have been undergoing a non-invasive hysteroscopic, classic and one-port laparoscopic surgical intervention that allows a complete, radical surgical treatment with a minimum of traumatic potential and, at the same time, high efficiency, to be carried out in a planned and urgent manner with a minimum the term of postoperative rehabilitation, including the principle of "Surgery of one day". Such methods allow to conduct practically any gynecological operations with a wonderful cosmetic effect. An antenatal invasive diagnosis of fetal chromosomal abnormalities is successfully performed. Women's counseling, which provides outpatient care, has a modern technical base. For example, as part of the Women's Consultation No. 1, a cervical pathology cabinet operates, whose goal is timely diagnosis and full treatment of various cervical pathologies. For this, the office has advanced state-of-the-art equipment, including a digital colposcope and a high-intensity laser. Methods of treatment of pathology of the reproductive sphere using laser technology developed and implemented on the basis of the clinic, confirmed by numerical patents of Ukraine and introduced into the work of many medical institutions of the country and abroad. In 2011, the complex of inventions "Sapphire scalpel for laser operations" and "Device for the treatment of cervix" became the winners of the All-Ukrainian contest "Invention 2011" in the category "Medicine and Biotechnology".

Since the creation of the Obstetric and Gynecological Service of the region doctors of world renown: Andriy Novak, Nikolay Baksheev, Igor Rembez, a powerful school has been formed, which has been educated by several generations of leading specialists in obstetrics and gynecology. The institution employs highly professional specialists and scientific staff of departments with significant work experience, theoretical knowledge and practical skills which allow confidently to solve the most complex clinical cases. Specialists of the institution regularly attend scientific and practical conferences, symposiums and seminars for gaining new knowledge and introducing them into the daily work of both their institution and the institutions of the whole region on the methods of restoring and preserving the health of women and children

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