Laryngeal cancer

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Tell us about laryngeal cancer, what is it?

Laryngeal cancer is the most common malignant tumor of the larynx - 50-60% of cases. It accounts for about 3% of all malignant human tumors. It is mainly found in men 40-60 years old, which make up 80-95% of patients.

How to recognize a laryngeal disorder?

If a person speaks with a hoarse voice, coughing and hoarseness for several months, inflammatory processes similar to angina, one should turn to an ENT doctor, for consultation and appointment of treatment. At present, the choice of specialists is acute, as there is no necessary equipment for diagnosis and specialists for regional and district treatment. To detect the disease at the first stage of diagnosis, it is now prohibitively, since there simply is not such a number of specialists.

Are there any risk factors in the disease?

Most commonly, laryngeal cancer (oropharyngeal cancer, throat tumor) occurs in smokers. The longer the experience of smoking, the higher the smoker's risk of developing cancer of the larynx. Increased risk of alcohol abuse. In the risk group are people with a weak immune system - with congenital diseases, HIV-infected. Increases the risk of contact with harmful chemicals such as wood dust, paints, varnishes, and others.

Tell us about the classification of laryngeal cancer and treatment methods?

• Stage I - the tumor is confined to the mucous membrane and submucous layer, is within the same section of the larynx; no metastases

• Stage II - the tumor occupies the entire larynx, but does not go beyond its limits; no metastases

• Stage III - the tumor sprouts beyond the same larynx to adjacent tissues, causing half of the larynx to remain motionless, but does not extend to the adjacent sections.

• Stage IV - the tumor grows into adjacent organs.

At the first and second stage radiotherapy is used. Together with irradiation of the main tumor mass, irradiation and metastases are performed. Sometimes several sessions are required. In the subsequent stages, preliminary radiotherapy is performed, during which the neck is irradiated. After 3-4 weeks, a radical operation (laryngeal resection, laryngectomy, extended laryngectomy) is performed, and simultaneously regional metastases are removed.

What is ago lo so brazuyu sc hey operation?

After a radical operation, surgical reconstruction of the larynx with the plastic vocal cords is performed in the planned order. This allows you to restore the laryngeal separation function (between the digestive tract and the trachea), prevent the chronic aspiration of food and restore the voice. However, such operations are only used after all the data have been obtained that the cancer has been cured and there is no probability of relapse of the pathology. Also in the future, go lo so brazuju sh chih devices are used. The price of this device is 800 euros, it should be changed within nine months.

What is a long period of life in the disease?

If a person treats the first-second stage, this is 85-96%, he has about five years of life. If the third and fourth degrees are 33-65% of life.

Your advice to our readers?

No need to be afraid of diseases, it's all treated, it's all possible. The main thing in time is to seek help from a specialist. Tymchuk Sergey Nikolaevich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of Ukraine

Head of the Department of Otolaryngology №2 (oncology) Dnipropetrovsk Clinical Hospital to them. Mechnikov

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