Our task is to create a cancer center in Vinnytsia, so that cancer patients are not willing to be treated abroad.

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More than 42,000 Vinnytsya patients with cancer, almost half of them have fallen into the field of vision of oncologists already at later stages of the disease. The bitter statistics indicate that the disease is coming more and more. On average, more than 5.5 thousand people find newborns in Vinnytsia every year. Thus, during the last year of January, 5849 Vinnichians heard a diagnosis of cancer. Modern realities are such that patients who have learned that they have cancer, dream of treating them abroad. And this is not because we have no specialists, but because of the fact that there is a stereotype in society - in Ukraine it is worse than beyond its borders. Therefore, the oncologists of Vinnytsia oblast have set themselves the task of making such conditions in the profile hospital, so that the Vinnytsia people do not even regret that they can not get medical care abroad with such a diagnosis.

The first step in this direction has already been made - on the basis of the Vinnitsa Regional Oncology Dispensary the Podilsky Regional Center of Oncology was created. Appropriate decision of the deputies of the regional council was approved in December 2017. The dispensary not only changed the name, but also approved the statute of the medical institution of the new sample.

- The creation of the Podilsky Regional Center for Oncology is a conscious advance in work. We have got more opportunities for the development of the institution. What seemed incredible, thanks to the joint efforts of colleagues, regional authorities and deputies, we managed to turn into reality. We will now be able to provide skilled, quality assistance to more patients from other areas. Although today our hospital serves 5-6% of patients from neighboring regions. Already in 2018, we plan to begin the reconstruction of a polyclinic, which involves the construction of a new building. So, the newly created center will change the structure of the hospital and will be able to open the necessary for the hospital units. The plans include, in particular, the creation of a on co hematological department, as well as a day care center. We are planning to open a 60-seat chemotherapy department in order to provide a comfortable environment for our patients and doctors who work there. There will appear additional operational hospital of the new sample will have an opportunity to independently establish communication and cooperation with leading world centers. Construction will be carried out at the expense of the state budget, in particular the State Fund for Regional Development. Today we are already implementing a project for the reconstruction of the urological department, the last one in the surgical building, 90% of which is covered by this fund. You can talk about the benefits of the newly created center, but more needs to be done. And one can complain about the problems, but he who really wants change will go to them, despite the difficulties, I'm convinced that my colleagues, the team of the newly formed

Podolsky regional center of oncology is just that, "said the head physician of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Volodymyr Shamray . In the center of oncology, positive changes have become accustomed to not putting aside a "long box", the more so here they understand that patients will not say that they come in a month or two. Therefore, in less than a month, after the creation of Podilsky Regional Oncology Center, a 20-bed mammal department was created here. So far, that de jure, however, having passed all formalities, it will begin work in the first half of the year of 2011. The need to create a mammal department in the hospital was felt for a long time, says Vladimir Shamray. Unfortunately, its expediency says sad statistics. In Vinnitsa region, 550 Winnicans each year are diagnosed with an average breast cancer diagnosis.

- There are 5937 patients with breast cancer in the region, and it is 14.1% of all patients in the regional registry chancellor. According to statistics, about 40 percent of women go to a doctor too late. In Ukraine breast cancer of the first and second stage is diagnosed in 75% of cases, in Vinnytsya the situation is better, the disease at this stage is diagnosed at 95%. Breast cancer is one of the most urgent issues in oncology. The key to improving the outcome of an illness is the introduction of modern techniques and technologies into the clinical practice. I am convinced that this is possible if there is a separate branch, whose team will work and develop a specific direction for providing medical aid to cancer patients. From timely diagnosis, treatment, and, equally important, the rehabilitation of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Before the team that will work in the mammal department, you will be able to set goals and ask for results. In the mammal department there will be more favorable conditions for the development of such a direction as oncoplastic surgery. Indeed, an important result of treatment for women with cancer is not only the duration but also the quality of life of patients. Each patient has the right to a beautiful aesthetic result of surgery and to restore her beauty. In addition, in most private clinics are not willing to take reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. Taking into account that almost 500 patients on breast cancer are operated annually in our hospital, I am sure that conducting reconstructive-restorative surgical interventions is extremely necessary. Now, we not only carry out radical operations, after which women have to look for plastic surgeons who could set her an endoprosthesis. And we try, if it is possible, to do simultaneously and reconstruction, which is currently performed in most European and world clinics. Our surgeons will be able to carry out and delayed reconstruction for patients who have undergone all stages of oncological treatment and who did not have signs of relapse of the disease or patients who were treated in other institutions, but appealed to us with a desire to correct defects after previous operations, - the head doctor convinced, dmn Volodymyr Shamray

According to the chief physician of the Podilsky regional center of oncology, today an innovative approach in the work is used by oncologists of the department of tumors of the head and neck. Constantly working on improving their skills, introducing the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, as well as their rehabilitation. In particular, the doctors of the department are widely introducing tissue biowiring technologies in the surgical treatment of thyroid cancer using the Small Jaw Covidien clamp. This allows the anatomical performance of extra-facial thyroidectomy and, if necessary, lymphatic dissociation, without leaving in the wound even minor parts of the tissue of the thyroid gland, which is confirmed by the data of radioisotope neck scan in the postoperative period.

Due to this method, surgical intervention on the thyroid gland is practically bloodshot, and also prevents electrodes of rotary laryngeal nerves, which greatly reduces the risk of voice disorders in the postoperative period.

- Modern treatment for patients with laryngeal cancer includes compulsory voice rehabilitation, which includes the installation of voice prosthetics. Our surgeons implement this technique, it is extremely relevant and yields. After all, our patients after the installation of prosthetics not only communicate with relatives and friends, but also have a high level of social adaptation, including the restoration of work capacity, - said Volodymyr Shamray.

Last 2017 was a record for the Podilsky Regional Oncology Center in terms of technical re-equipment. The hospital "got" medical equipment and equipment for 33 million hryvnia. - Such in the history of our institution was not yet. At last, the necessary modern computer

tomography scanner appeared in the hospital. Through the electronic procurement site PROZORRO purchased CT for 12.5 million hryvnia. For several years, only one computer tomograph was operating in the hospital, which worked with a large overload. He constantly worked overtime. In 2017 more than 4,500 Vinnytsia citizens were examined and 7859 studies were done. Tobo is 96% more than normal. With the new diagnostic equipment, doctors will be able to diagnose a person more quickly and qualitatively and provide the necessary medical assistance in a timely manner. And for our patients it is very important, - said Vladimir Shamray.

At the expense of sponsors and patrons, two ultrasound machines, one portable, were purchased for the department of ultrasound diagnostics.

- This is the first mobile device in our hospital. Equipment is indispensable for operative high-precision diagnostics, as patients of the department of ultrasonic diagnostics, which opened in 2015, and heavy, urgent patients who are in the hospital. The new ultrasound system we received from the Italian manufacture allows us to examine the patients, perform the entire spectrum of diagnostic manipulations, detect early stages of the disease and treat it in a timely manner, as well as prevent the disease, "said Dr. Vladimir Shamray, MD .

Last year, four artificial ventilation devices, a video gastroscope rack, resuscitation equipment, a modern X-ray machine, seven operating tables, microscopes, laboratory equipment and many other things were purchased for the hospital. The second year has come to live without the state program "Oncology", which ended in 2016. In order not to leave patients on their own with ailment, Vinnitsa doctors worked on the advance. At the initiative of the Chief Doctor of the Podilsky Regional Oncology Center, Volodymyr Shamray, a regional program "Fighting Cancer for the Period 2017-2021" was introduced in Vinnitsa region. Its total budget was UAH 365 million. Of these, 2017 UAH 45 million was foreseen, including 15 million for chemotherapy and 30 million for technical re-equipment. - Fortunately, the program is being implemented, last year nearly 16 million were allocated to chemotherapy drugs. In addition, deputies allocated 800 thousand from the regional budget, because at the end of the year there was an urgent need for shortages. So this does not cover the need of our patients, unfortunately. In conditions of permanent deficiency of chemotherapy all the time it is necessary to save. We set ourselves the task of finding an opportunity for each onco-patient to spend at least two free chemotherapy cycles, and in most cases, we succeed. If the patient belongs to socially vulnerable groups of the population, we try to provide him with the following treatment cycles. In 2018, UAH 15 million is also foreseen. We hope that the amount will increase, and the state will pay attention to cancer patients, "said Vladimir Shamray.

Chief oncologist of the Vinnytsia region Volodymyr Shamray noted that this is only the beginning of changes in the hospital. A lot of work is ahead, which will ensure the development of the newly formed Podilsky regional center of oncology.

- We do not retreat from the goal. Our task is to provide quality assistance to patients, to reduce mortality from oncology and reduce the risk of early onset of illness when it is cured. At the same time, I urge everyone to take a responsible attitude towards their health. I do not want to ignore medical preventive examinations. After all, doctors and patients should be allies. Together, we will overcome cancer, "said Vladimir Shamray.

Shamray Volodymyr Anatolievich

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Honored Doctor of Ukraine

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"Association of Oncologists of Podillya"

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