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The desire of a woman to become a mother naturally. But, unfortunately, according to statistics in 14% of families after numerous attempts pregnancy does not occur. Often, but not always, the reason lies precisely in women's health. Female infertility is diagnosed after 12 months of active, but unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child. Contrary to popular belief, female infertility is not associated with heredity, painful menstruation or irregular sexual acts. Its reasons are completely different. On this topic, the editorial board talked with the director of the sanatorium "Horol", the resort Mirgorod, Kopyak Natalia Pavlovna

What basic rules must be followed to take out a healthy child?

All-these, I would like to start with a problem of infertility. Now more and more among doctors and not only, the problem of infertility is rising. To address this issue, future mothers turn to specialists in gynecologists, and resort to the services of alternative medicine. On the basis of the sanatorium there is a department of the disease of female genital organs and one of the issues that we solve is infertility. The causes of this disease are very different and one of the chances of getting pregnant is to undergo rehabilitation treatment at the sanatorium Khorol. If there are inflammatory processes, then they need to be treated. To undergo a medical treatment course and also to make irrigation with Mirgorod water, which has a lot of useful elements, and minerals. Be sure to be consulted with a specialist. The doctor will put the correct diagnosis, and

only after that it is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment. One of the causes of infertility is a violation of the nervous system. In the sanatorium there are baths and a psychotherapist and we certainly highly recommend that couples be treated.

It often happens that thanks to the revitalization of reproductive work in the process of procedures, very many couples are already leaving potential parents. As for the issues of bearing, then of course there is a certain regime. We cherish all future mothers. Doctors prescribe massage of the collar zone and many restorative psychotherapeutic procedures, in the process of recovery, if necessary, the psychotherapist is included. Future mothers on the basis of the sanatorium are taking classes for young mothers.

What is the main treatment for pregnant women who have already been treated?

This is oxygen inhalation, where the body is saturated with oxygen. Aromatherapy, salt chamber, for the

concept of immunity. Physiotherapy exercises, designed specifically for pregnant women, Specially selected food, tk. Pregnant women often come to us with pathologies. I would like to note that after discharge, thanks to a balanced diet and water, the future baby has several digits higher than hemoglobin.

Where can I get a referral to a sanatorium?

Selection, first of all, goes to the place of residence, in the women's consultation. After the wish of the future woman in labor to undergo sanatorium treatment, the doctor already recommends whether or not it is important. Suddenly, the future mother has a pathology, or the threat of a pregnancy breakdown. The doctor watching the gynecologist recommends if she can go or not.

Many women in labor who are afraid of losing pregnancy, prefer not to leave their home. If all the same it happened on the basis of the sanatorium, your reaction?

If deviations in the process of gestation begin to occur, the gynecologist immediately prescribes bed rest, prescribes medication and much more. Round the clock the patient is under observation. If God forbid that something happened, then we even have our own little hall. But we do not risk and immediately send the future mother to the city hospital.

What is the minimum course of rehabilitation treatment?

The minimum course of treatment for expectant mothers is 24 days, as "social insurance" vouchers. The period of pregnancy, in which you can visit the sanatorium from 13 to 32 weeks. More than 32 weeks is already dangerous, it is necessary to be closer to home.

Tell us about the couples who after the trip to your sanatorium became happy parents.?

Indeed, in our practice there are couples who for five, seven years could not conceive a baby. but after a trip to us they became happy parents. In addition to treatment on the territory of the sanatorium, there is a beautiful Transfiguration Cathedral. As the saying goes, that God gave the baby, it is necessary not only to treat the body but also the soul. Treatment and peace of mind and, as a consequence, recovery.

Wishes for our future mothers

Unfortunately now is not the most unequivocal period in our state. The mortality rate exceeds the birth rate, and funding is quite unstable. We, for our part, work so that such a good program, for future mothers, based on the sanatorium Khorol, was preserved.

For my part, I would like to wish that women would like to give birth, and that there are more children in the country. And we invite all mothers to our sanatorium, where we heat them, we will pour them, they will receive a balanced diet, our respect and love.

This year we celebrated 20 years of our department, and looking through the old shots we remembered that not long ago we were taught how to swaddle the children, and now it's already so, the progress has gone ahead, that it is necessary to study the methods of selecting diapers and much more.

We are waiting for you, teach and protect you. Come to us, and give birth to children more.

Kopiak Natalia Pavlovna principalSanatorium "Horol"Poltava region, the city of Mirgorod, ul. Gogol, 112.Tel .: +38 (05355) 5-21-87

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