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Hawai‘i is a heal­ing place, and not just be­cause of the sooth­ing sounds of waves crash­ing on the shore or the warmth of the sun on your skin. Hawai­ian cul­ture tra­di­tion­ally stresses the im­por­tance of heal­ing both body and spirit, with the fo­cus on mind-and- mana (spir­i­tual power) TLC.

Treat­ments that stem from Hawai­ian tra­di­tion re­lax the body while sooth­ing the mind and spirit, as it is be­lieved that one be­ing off-bal­ance af­fects the other. Lomi lomi is a type of mas­sage that fo­cuses on eas­ing stress and bring­ing har­mony to the re­cip­i­ent as a whole. La‘au lapa‘au is herbal heal­ing. And Hawai­ian salt rit­u­als em­u­late the heal­ing ef­fect be­lieved to come from ocean water while cleans­ing pores and re­ju­ve­nat­ing skin.

Some spa tips:

1. Ar­rive be­tween 15 to 30 min­utes early. 2. Turn off your mo­bile phone. 3. Let your ther­a­pist know of any health con­cerns. 4. Tips are usu­ally 15 to 20 per­cent. If you are us­ing a gift

cer­tifi­cate, ask if the tip is in­cluded. 5. If some­thing is not quite right (the pres­sure of the mas­sage,

for ex­am­ple), let your ther­a­pist know.

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