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Snorkel Bob gear lets you breathe easy in the fluid dream. SEE what you been miss­ing with Seamo Betta™ and Li’l Mo Betta™ Rx masks for adults & kids. Now comes the MOFL02 Fresh-Air Snorkel! A prim­i­tive snorkel triples dead air space, so you re­breathe the same air. With a dou­ble-valve twin cham­ber, the MOFL02 clears easy, for no headaches and more umph in your glug. FREE boo­gie board/week with 2 seats on most ac­tiv­i­ties & 24-hour gear re­turn. (808) 823-9433 - Kapa‘a (808) 742-2206 - Koloa www.snorkel­

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