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The gen­tle wa­ters that lap upon Maui's shores are alive with wildlife like hump­back whales, Hawai­ian monk seals and sea tur­tles. They are con­sid­ered en­dan­gered species and are pro­tected by federal laws. Dol­phins and other whales— though not en­dan­gered—also are pro­tected by the MARINE MAM­MAL PRO­TEC­TION ACT. Hawai‘i's MARINE AN­I­MALS are fas­ci­nat­ing and eas­ily ob­served crea­tures. Dur­ing the win­ter hump­back sea­son, it's com­mon to see 40-TON WHALES with 15-foot pec­toral fins breach­ing off­shore, and res­i­dent SPIN­NER DOL­PHINS can be spotted flash­ing through the surf any day. GIANT GREEN SEA TUR­TLES make a habit of feed­ing near shore, and oc­ca­sion­ally, an EN­DAN­GERED HAWAI­IAN MONK SEAL, some­times with a pup, will lounge on the beach, bask­ing in the sun much like you.


1. View from a dis­tance: Con­sider binoc­u­lars.

2. Stay at least 100 yards from hump­back whales, 50 yards from dol­phins and monk seals.

3. It is le­gal for an an­i­mal to ap­proach you, but it is against the law for you to ap­proach, chase, sur­round, touch or swim with marine mam­mals.

4. Do not ha­rass, hunt, cap­ture or kill any marine mam­mal.

5. Limit ob­ser­va­tion time to 30 min­utes.

6. Feed­ing marine mam­mals is pro­hib­ited un­der federal law. Laws are en­forced, il­le­gal ac­tiv­i­ties are pros­e­cuted, and fines are ad­min­is­tered.

To re­port sus­pected vi­o­la­tions, call the NOAA EN­FORCE­MENT HOT­LINE (800-8531964). For more in­for­ma­tion, check with the HAWAI­IAN ISLANDS

HUMP­BACK WHALE NA­TIONAL MARINE SANC­TU­ARY in Ki­hei (808-2922372), the NOAA/Na­tional Marine Fish­eries Ser­vice in Honolulu (808-944-2200), the DE­PART­MENT OF LAND AND NAT­U­RAL RE­SOURCES in Honolulu (808-587-0100) or hawai­ibeach­safety.com.

Lo­cal au­thor and pro­pri­etor Robert Wint­ner, also known as SNORKEL BOB, has sev­eral books avail­able that dive deeper into the topic of Hawai‘i's pro­tected reefs and the marine an­i­mals that call them home. Nep­tune Speaks chron­i­cles the per­ils of traf­fick­ing in wildlife for pet trad­ing, and asks ques­tions like, “Why are col­or­ful reef fish still taken in Hawai‘i with no limit on the catch and no con­straint on rare, en­demic or van­ish­ing species?” The book in­cludes 540 photos by Wint­ner from Hawai‘i, Palau, Fiji and St. Croix, as well as 50 min­utes of U/W footage on DVD. Wint­ner's other novel, , is Reef­dog a tale of ex­otic char­ac­ters from Hawai‘i, Tahiti and L.A., as one man rec­on­ciles liveli­hood and a hot tem­per with those who would kill na­ture for money (Yucca Pub­lish­ing, NY).

All books are avail­able at Snorkel Bob's shops and ama­zon.com. One-hun­dred per­cent of the sales' pro­ceeds sup­port the cam­paign to end the aquar­ium trade.

SNORKEL BOB'S (800) 262-7725 HONOKOWAI; (808) 667-9999 NORTH KI­HEI; (808) 875-618 SOUTH KI­HEI; (808) 879-7449 LA­HAINA; (808) 661-4421 NAPILI; (808) 669-9603 WAILEA (808) 874-0011

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