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This gleam­ing sun catcher is made from ice, to hang in your back yard or out­side your win­dow to cel­e­brate Valen­tine’s Day. The process is fun and easy.

The ice-cube trays will be used to make col­ored ice cubes. You can ei­ther fill the trays with water and drop some food col­or­ing of your choice into each sec­tion, or you can mix up a batch of col­ored water in a mea­sur­ing cup and pour it into the trays. Use a heavy hand when adding colors, or the re­sults will be pale. Think about the colors you would like to use. Red and pink are tra­di­tional for Valen­tine’s Day, and laven­der is of­ten used as well. Mix­ing red and blue will re­sult in laven­der, and us­ing very lit­tle red in the water re­sults in pale pink.

Put the ice cubes in the freezer and let them set un­til solid. To be safe, leave them overnight.

While you wait, you can pre­pare the heart-shaped mold by clean­ing it with warm, soapy water. (Heart-shaped gelatin molds or bak­ing pans are eas­ily lo­cated at a party or craft store.)

Be sure there is a sur­face area in­side your freezer large enough to ac­com­mo­date the heart mold. Fill a small pa­per or plas­tic cup with water, to form the hole from which the fin­ished sun catcher will hang. Place the filled cup in the cen­ter of the heart mold, near the top.

Un­mold the col­ored ice cubes and place them within the mold, spread­ing them in a sin­gle layer.

Fill the mold with enough water to cover the ice cubes and set it within the freezer. Check to be sure the water-filled plas­tic cup is still in the cor­rect po­si­tion. Freeze un­til solid.

At this point, you may want to cut a length of rib­bon for hang­ing. This is also a good time to choose the out­side branch or hook from which you will hang the glis­ten­ing sun catcher.

When the heart is solid ice, re­lease it from the mold, run­ning just a bit of luke­warm water over the out­side of the mold if nec­es­sary.

Lift the frozen cup out, leav­ing a hole in the ice. Quickly tie the rib­bon through the hole and hang your sparkling Valen­tine dec­o­ra­tion out­side.

Hope­fully, the tem­per­a­ture out­doors will co­op­er­ate, so you can en­joy your heart for sev­eral hours – or much, much longer!



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