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Dr. Michael Gross says stud­ies have shown ACL in­juries are much more com­mon in women than men. Among ath­letes of equiv­a­lent ath­leti­cism in non-con­tact sports, fe­male play­ers are eight times more likely to tear their ACL. The dif­fer­ence has to do with the way the fe­male body aligns it­self while run­ning or jumping.

For the most part, peo­ple can’t do much to pre­vent ACL in­juries be­yond strength­en­ing the mus­cles of the leg and core. But Gross notes that a Cal­i­for­nia ortho­pe­dic sur­geon named Bert Man­del­baum (un­der whom Gross has stud­ied) has re­ported some suc­cess in conditioning fe­male ath­letes to land dif­fer­ently when they ex­er­cise.

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