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Un­for­tu­nately, Suede says, too many men and women ig­nore or min­i­mize their symp­toms, writ­ing them off as stress or in­di­ges­tion when in fact they are suf­fer­ing a heart at­tack. But the longer you deny symp­toms, the longer you stay home in­stead of go­ing to the hos­pi­tal, in turn low­er­ing your chances of sur­vival. If you make it to the hos­pi­tal early, when symp­toms oc­cur, you have a 90 per­cent chance of sur­vival. If you think you’re hav­ing a heart at­tack, play it safe, call 911, take a non-coated aspirin and go to the hos­pi­tal. “If it’s a false alarm, you’re lucky,” Suede says.

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