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You might have a sump pump to bail out your base­ment in case of flood­ing, but have you checked it lately?

“Too of­ten, peo­ple find out it’s not work­ing when the base­ment starts fill­ing up with wa­ter,” says Michael Medaglia, owner of Wa­ter Works Plumb­ing and Heat­ing in West­wood. He ad­vises that you test your sump pump an­nu­ally by lift­ing up the float to make sure it comes on. Do it again when se­ri­ous storms threaten to roll in.

If you’ve ever had base­ment flood­ing or wa­ter pool­ing in your back yard, it also might be time to get a pro­fes­sional landscaper to check out your prop­erty. Chris Cipri­ano, owner of Cipri­ano Land­scape De­sign in Mah­wah, says the prob­lem can stem from too much clay in your soil or im­prop­erly graded land­scap­ing.

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