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At Hack­en­sack Univer­sity Med­i­cal Cen­ter, all sources of drink­ing wa­ter are fil­tered to en­hance the pu­rifi­ca­tion by United Wa­ter, ac­cord­ing to Don­ald Fer­rell, di­rec­tor of de­sign and con­struc­tion at the hos­pi­tal.

“It’s an ex­tra pre­cau­tion you can take to help pu­rify the wa­ter you drink, so why not?” he says.

Wa­ter cool­ers are also treated with UV lights to help elim­i­nate the use of bot­tled wa­ters, which pre­vents the use of some 30,000 plas­tic bot­tles each year and sig­nif­i­cantly cuts down hos­pi­tal costs, he adds.

The med­i­cal cen­ter also uses air fil­ters through­out the hos­pi­tal, and re­lies on HEPA air pu­ri­fiers in units that may con­tain pa­tients whose im­mune sys­tems are com­pro­mised.

En­gle­wood Hos­pi­tal and Med­i­cal Cen­ter is cur­rently in the

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