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Our pal, gen­eral au­to­mo­tive fab­ri­ca­tion ex­pert Rob Bon­ney, is a self­pro­claimed “de­cent TIG welder.” Here he shows some fun­da­men­tals that we have al­ready screwed up: the “pen­cil” grind on the tung­sten, tung­sten stick-out less than the di­am­e­ter of the open­ing of the cup, and proper torch an­gle for weld-

ing a 90 like this. Also, he has the ground clamped di­rectly to the alu­minum and both pieces of alu­minum are firmly held in place. Bon­ney also fre­quently uses Sil­i­con Bronze rod to TIG-braze thin steel sheet­metal on body­work. This method is not as struc­turally strong as TIG-weld­ing steel but yields great re­sults when mod­i­fy­ing body parts.

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