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QI own a ’77 GMC 3⁄4-ton. It’s a long­box reg­u­lar cab, four-speed 4x4 and I just bought it. I have been pric­ing tires for a while and I want to go with the 6-inch sus­pen­sion lift and a 3-inch body lift with 35-inch mud tires. I don’t know if that is what I should be do­ing be­cause I’ve never

had a lift and big tires be­fore, and I don’t know if it’s a good com­bi­na­tion. Also my bud­get is about three grand.


AYou can fit 35-inch tires with the 6-inch lift kit, and maybe even a 4-inch lift kit. Our ’86 1-ton Chevy longbed reg­u­lar cab Army truck has a 4-inch Skyjacker lift kit, and with min­i­mal trim­ming on the rear of the front wheel open­ings it clears 37-inch tires. We did this be­cause we wanted a low cen­ter of grav­ity with as large a tire as pos­si­ble. Most sus­pen­sion com­pa­nies rec­om­mend a 6-inch lift for clear­ing 35-inch tires on your truck, and that is prob­a­bly a bet­ter idea if you are not in­ter­ested in trim­ming the body at all. We wouldn’t rec­om­mend the 3-inch body lift at all, as it will do noth­ing for per­for­mance and will com­pli­cate things like fuel lines, steer­ing col­umn, and shifters.

Many com­pa­nies out there of­fer a kit for your truck: Ran­cho, Su­per­lift, Skyjacker, BDS, and Rough Coun­try, to name a few. Of­froad De­sign also spe­cial­izes in this body style truck and can an­swer all your ques­tions, plus it of­fers a shackle flip kit that may be an even bet­ter op­tion for your truck.

Also on your bud­get, check out the tire and wheel deals from our ad­ver­tis­ers, many of which of­fer dis­counts when you buy wheels and tires to­gether. And re­mem­ber, you’ll need 16- or 17-inch wheels to bet­ter clear the big brakes on your truck.

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