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Ed­ward’s de­vi­ous daugh­ter didn’t go in for the larger-than-life ’dos that were so, ahem, big in the ’80s. Rather, she found that a sleeker hair­style made it all the eas­ier for her to re­lease the wicked plots that she hatched in her pretty head. Our fa­vorite: the one that found her with­hold­ing Daddy’s med­i­ca­tion be­cause she was in a snit over his new will!

As a kind­ness to her vic­tims, OLTL’s Dorian didn’t make it hard for them to guess which shoul­der was the cold one they’d be re­ceiv­ing.

Af­ter a busy morn­ing of wreak­ing havoc, GH’s Tracy was off to ap­pear in a Robert Palmer mu­sic video.

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