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Just when it ap­peared that every­thing was back on track for GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s Ja­son and Sam, the very thing that fu­eled her re­cent hal­lu­ci­na­tions comes to life. Will her dream of a hap­pily ever af­ter with the man she loves be brought to a per­ma­nent end, thanks to Ja­son’s friend­ship with Sonny?

Sonny Makes A Shock­ing Move!

Over the past few months, Sonny has slowly but surely been mak­ing moves de­signed to sever his crim­i­nal ties. “He knows that this is not go­ing to be easy,” says co-head­writer Shelly Alt­man. “But he has got­ten to a point where he be­lieves that this might be in the best in­ter­est of his fam­ily. And noth­ing means more to Sonny than his fam­ily.”

De­spite the dif­fi­culty of this path, Alt­man says that Sonny is pretty de­ter­mined… and with good rea­son. “Mor­gan’s death was a real eye-opener for him,” the scribe ex­plains. “Although it was not a di­rect re­sult of his life, it was a re­sult of the vi­o­lence that is preva­lent in the world in which he lives. Another Mob, another feud.”

Iron­i­cally, it is the down­fall of fel­low mob­ster Ju­lian which prompts Sonny —

along with Carly — to not only get in­tro- spec­tive but push his plan to get out of “the busi­ness” into high gear.

Will Ja­son Re­ally Die?

In a huge move,

Sonny ar­ranges a meet­ing with the var­i­ous heads of the in­fa­mous five fam­i­lies. “Sonny is very aware that every sin­gle step of this will be fraught with peril,” says Alt­man. “He has to do this just right!”

With so much on the line, Sam does some­thing that would have been un­think­able only a few short weeks ago: She en­cour­ages Ja­son to be by Sonny’s side dur­ing the tran­si­tion process, ob­vi­ously ea­ger to have all of them move on to the next phase of their lives.

But what hap­pens next could well send Sam right back to An­dre’s couch for a whole new round of ther­apy ses­sions, be­cause by week’s end, things have gone trag­i­cally awry and Ja­son is left fight­ing for his life! Dante once again finds him­self kneedeep in a po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tion in­volv­ing his fa­ther, while Sam and El­iz­a­beth find them­selves of­fer­ing one another sup­port and com­fort as the man who has played such an im­por­tant role in both of their lives deals with the fall­out from Sonny’s ef­fort to go clean.

And if Ja­son dies, what then? Will Sonny seek vengeance on be­half of his pal? Will his at­tempt to get out of the Mob wind up putting ev­ery­one in dan­ger?

It was more than 20 years ago that a brain-dam­ag­ing car wreck led to Ja­son be­ing hired as Sonny’s hit man.

Again, Sonny is in­volved in

a case Dante’s work­ing.

With Ja­son’s life hang­ing in the bal­ance, Liz and Sam do the un­think­able and lean on each other.

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