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Af­ter GEN­ERAL HOS­PI­TAL’s ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer, Frank Valen­tini, told us just how ex­cited he was about what would be com­ing up this fall, we knew we had to hear more. With that in mind, we went straight to co-head­writer Shelly Alt­man for de­tails. Read on to find out how big de­ci­sions, new ro­mances and the re­turn of a cer­tain fa­mil­iar face will shake things up!

Ja­son, Is That You?

While ev­ery­one at the soap is keep­ing their col­lec­tive lips zipped where de­tails re­gard­ing Steve Bur­ton’s re­turn are con­cerned, we did get Alt­man to of­fer up a few tan­ta­liz­ing tid­bits! “The ar­rival of a man who looks ex­actly as Ja­son did five years ago will shake up vir­tu­ally ev­ery­one on the can­vas,” she warns. “Most es­pe­cially Sam, Sonny and Carly, but he will also im­pact the lives of peo­ple who did not know Ja­son as he once looked. And of course, one of those peo­ple his ar­rival will have a huge im­pact on is Ja­son!

“A lot has hap­pened over the last cou­ple of years,” she con­tin­ues, “and life in Port Charles has changed for many peo­ple. We’ll see now how those changes af­fect both of the men and pretty much ev­ery­one they come into con­tact with!”

Will Sonny Ever Be Free Of The Mob?

This week sees Sonny’s ef­forts to get out of the Mob go about as wrong as they pos­si­bly can go. (See the In Depth Cover Story, page 24, for de­tails.) But what will that mean for him mov­ing for­ward? “Sonny rapidly dis­cov­ers that this is not an easy oc­cu­pa­tion to re­tire from,” says Alt­man. “What that will mean af­fects him and Carly, but no mat­ter what hap­pens, they are deal­ing with the sit­u­a­tions that arise — at least for now — as a united front.”

A New Man For Alexis?

The good news: Wil­liam deVry’s new con­tract (as de­tailed in Ins & Outs, page 8) means Ju­lian will be stick­ing around. But at least for the mo­ment, he’s go­ing to be stuck be­hind bars. That should make it pretty easy for Alexis to finally move on… right?

“Alexis con­tin­ues to strug­gle with her feel­ings for Ju­lian,” pre­views Alt­man, “but she can’t quite say ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ de­spite him quite lit­er­ally be­ing out of the pic­ture.”

She may, how­ever, at least pay lip ser­vice to the no­tion of there be­ing other fish in the sea. “She is be­gin­ning to find a way to move on,” ad­mits the word­smith. “She dips her toe into the wa­ters of dat­ing. So we’ll have to see what Ju­lian will find if and when he is re­leased from prison!”

The Qs Are Back!

“We’ll cer­tainly be see­ing more of the Quar­ter­maines as an im­por­tant fam­ily in town,” Alt­man prom­ises. Look for Michael and Ned to butt heads, even as Olivia con­tin­ues try­ing to fig­ure out how she fits into the dys­func­tional house­hold into which she mar­ried. When not deal­ing with the ram­i­fi­ca­tions of Kiki’s ca­reer path, Dil­lon might also find him­self drawn into the grow­ing mess at ELQ!

Baby Talk!

A mis­un­der­stand­ing will cause a bit of trou­ble for Maxie and Nathan, but things could soon be right as rain for the pair. In fact, there might even be a baby in their fu­ture! “Let’s say,” teases Alt­man, “they’re at a point in their lives where that cer­tainly could be an op­tion!”

In Other News…

A shock­ing se­cret from Nelle’s past will raise as many ques­tions as it does eye­brows. “Is she the girl who’s made some mis­takes in the past but has a good heart, which is what Michael sees?” asks Alt­man. “Or is there another, more sin­is­ter side to her, as Carly and Bob­bie sus­pect?” • “Parker’s reap­pear­ance forces Kristina to make de­ci­sions about who she is and what she wants,” says Alt­man. • Franco’s jour­ney into his own past will un­lock se­crets in­volv­ing oth­ers on the can­vas. Iron­i­cally, Liz may deal with what he finds bet­ter than the tor­tured artist! • “Ava makes a de­ci­sion that may not give her ex­actly what she wants,” teases Alt­man, “but it will open a door to new pos­si­bil­i­ties.” Might that in­clude a ro­mance with Grif­fin? • Valentin will have to prove him­self wor­thy of Nina’s love.

“Sorry, Sonny. I can’t tell you who I re­ally am… I’ve been sworn to se­crecy!”

Won­der how Alexis feels about con­ju­gal vis­its?

“There’s clearly only one way to fig­ure out who’s who,” said Sam of the two-Ja­sons sit­u­a­tion. “A kiss-off!”

Ava dis­tracted from her fa­cial scars and creepy mask by wear­ing bright, unattrac­tive scarves.

“If we have a baby, can we name it Man? Or Lan­ders? What about Man Lan­ders West?”

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