Is The Jig Up?

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DAYS’ Hat­tie and Bon­nie have had one heck of a time prov­ing their blonde am­bi­tion, but with their agenda no longer as clear as it once was, things are start­ing to go awry. Will tak­ing their eyes off the prize be their un­do­ing?

The In Depth Story: This week, Hat­tie and Bon­nie re­al­ize that their shenani­gans may have got­ten them into a pickle. As panic sets in, their scheme hits a snag that, with­out An­jel­ica to help, they might not be able to fix. To­gether, John and Mar­lena are seek­ing to es­cape their predica­ment and hatch a plan to get free!

Mean­while, as Hat­tie spends time with An­dre, he con­fides his woes in what he thinks is a ther­apy ses­sion with Mar­lena! While An­dre re­mains slow on the up­take, look for some­one with ac­tual sleuthing skills to put Hat­tie on the hot seat.

Else­where, Bon­nie’s mov­ing ahead with her plot to oust “Red” from Vic­tor’s life: Pos­ing as Adri­enne, she moves into the man­sion! Alas, Mag­gie’s no pushover — how much will she put up with? And still in the dark that his beloved Adri­enne is re­ally MIA, poor Lu­cas will suf­fer yet another shock from her dop­pel­ganger. And the per­son whom he turns to for help in pick­ing up the pieces will be just as shock­ing!

Per­haps Bon­nie and Hat­tie shouldn’t have had those last vodka shots at their happy hour for two…

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