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We fully ad­mit that when Ava went from fiery vixen to a vixen who caught fire, we were wor­ried about the

tale’s tra­jec­tory. (It rarely much more than we could goes well when soap char­ac­ters have hoped for, thanks to be­gin don­ning both the writ­ing for Ava Phan­tom Of The Operastyle and the per­for­mances of masks!) Thank­fully, Maura West. By play­ing the story has be­come so with cam­era an­gles and mir­rors, the direc­tors have word­lessly added new lay­ers to this ex­plo­ration of how the way the world sees our ex­te­rior im­pacts the way we feel about our­selves in­ter­nally. This is a woman who’s proven to have no bound­aries, fear or shame… un­til con­fronted with her own van­ity. The fact that the whole thing might finally lead to a pair­ing of Ava and Grif­fin, both of

whom have been sadly side­lined in the ro­mance depart­ment for far too long, is only a bonus. But much to our de­light, ru­mors of the Quar­ter­maine clan’s demise have been greatly ex­ag­ger­ated. Re­cent weeks have seen Olivia butt heads with Mon­ica (for fir­ing Cook, no less!), Ned, Dil­lon and Michael talk­ing ELQ busi­ness and even men­tions of Tracy as we braced our­selves for Hay­den’s de­par­ture. Sure, it’s a far cry from the good old days when the bois­ter-

ous clan was front and cen­ter every day, but it’s a start, and we can only hope that we’ll be see­ing even more of Ed­ward and Lila’s de­scen­dants in the near and far-flung fu­ture!

Carly seemed skep­ti­cal when Sonny tried to il­lus­trate just how big the fish he’d caught re­ally was.

Chan­nel­ing ROMPER ROOM, Ava mut­tered, “I see Kiki and Dil­lon and Colleen… ”

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