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Get­ting out of the busi­ness is next to im­pos­si­ble. It’s a nice idea and Sonny can try, but it’s in his blood. That part of his life is like Carly — it’s al­ways there, and he keeps com­ing back to it. Face it, Sonny, you’re the don for­ever!

El­iz­a­beth Brulc via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Any­thing For Fam­ily

Sonny re­ally is ready to get out. He al­most lost every­thing and ev­ery­one be­cause of the busi­ness. He and his fam­ily have gone through hell. He’s ready to be there for and with them and wants to keep them safe.

Blanche Wad­s­ley via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Mob Life 4Ever!

This is who Sonny is. We fell in love with the mob­ster be­cause he shows vul­ner­a­bil­ity with his fam­ily and has so many lay­ers. I hon­estly do not want to see Sonny any other way. We need the thrill and in­trigue. I don’t want to see the Mob sto­ries come to an end. I love all the drama it’s pro­vided over the years. It’s ac­tu­ally been my fa­vorite part of the show.

Carolyn White Cumbo via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

The Right Rea­sons

Sonny has to truly want to get out of the busi­ness for him­self, not just for his fam­ily and the peo­ple in his life. Oth­er­wise, the pull of the busi­ness will al­ways call to him. He’s tried be­fore and it didn’t work.

Leisa Amore via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Wish­ful Think­ing?

I think the real Ja­son will take over for Sonny.

Dianne Hanf via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

Any­thing Can Hap­pen

Why you talk­ing about Sonny like he’s a real life per­son? Of course he can change. It’s a soap opera! The writ­ers can do what­ever they want.

Felix C. Colosimo via Soaps In Depth Face­book page

“The busi­ness has been good to us, my friend. Let’s drink to what­ever il­le­gal ac­tiv­ity it is we do.”

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