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THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Melissa Ord­way (Abby) and hus­band Justin Gas­ton (ex-Ben, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) re­cently an­nounced that their daugh­ter, Olivia, will be get­ting a sis­ter in Jan­uary. Soaps In Depth caught up with the ac­tress to get the de­tails on her ex­cit­ing news!

— Julie McEl­wain

Soaps In Depth: Con­grat­u­la­tions! Can you tell us — planned or a sur­prise?

Melissa Ord­way: Oh my gosh, we were so sur­prised! We had tried to get preg­nant for a cou­ple of years be­fore we adopted our daugh­ter, Olivia. And we thought that it was never go­ing to hap­pen. But I to­tally think that ev­ery­thing hap­pens for a rea­son, be­cause Olivia was meant to be in our fam­ily. She was meant to be our daugh­ter. I think that’s why it hap­pened the way it did. I was shocked be­cause we weren’t try­ing at all when we’d tried for so long be­fore!

In Depth: So when did you re­al­ize you were preg­nant?

Ord­way: I was hav­ing lunch with a friend and sort of teased her, “When is Olivia go­ing to have a friend?” And she was, “I just came from the doc­tor. I’m preg­nant!” So we were sit­ting there, freak­ing out, when I started to won­der about my­self. I was like, “I’m not go­ing to think about it,” but then, when I went home, I de­cided to take a preg­nancy test the next morn­ing. I al­ready had one left from a cou­ple of years be­fore. I de-

“She is walk­ing, talk­ing and start­ing to try to run,” the beauty says of daugh­ter Olivia, with Dad. “You can­not turn your back on her a sec­ond, be­cause she’ll be do­ing some­thing crazy!”

cided to take it the next morn­ing, and it said yes! I was like, “Oh my gosh, are you kid­ding me?”

In Depth: How did you tell your hus­band?

Ord­way: I tried to think of a clever way to tell Justin, but it all went out the win­dow! I lit­er­ally could not think of any­thing. I sat there for a cou­ple of min­utes. He was still sleep­ing. But I just ran into the bed­room and was like, “Justin, we’re preg­nant!” He was like, “Is this a joke?” And I was like, “No, this is not a joke!” Then I took six more preg­nancy tests, one of ev­ery brand!

In Depth: Olivia is still a baby. Are you ready for two ba­bies un­der 2?

Ord­way: Olivia will only be 20 months! But I feel good about it, be­cause ev­ery­body that I’ve talked to says that it’s bet­ter to [have them] close in age rather than fur­ther apart, be­cause then they will play with each other.

In Depth: You’ll have dou­ble-di­a­per duty. Un­less you think you’ll have Olivia potty-trained?

Ord­way: I think Olivia will be easy potty-

train­ing. I could be jinx­ing my­self, but she seems very in­ter­ested in the toi­let. I don’t know if that’s be­cause she likes to flush things down the toi­let, though!

In Depth: Have you in­cluded Olivia in your preg­nancy to pre­pare her for her new sis­ter?

Ord­way: We talk to the baby be­fore bed. She will give my tummy a kiss and a hug be­cause she sees Justin do­ing that. We tried to get her to hold a pic­ture of the ul­tra­sound for one of the baby-re­veal pic­tures, but she kept rip­ping it!

In Depth: Are you an­tic­i­pat­ing Abby hold­ing a bunch of gi­ant purses to hide your preg­nancy like Mishael Mor­gan (Hi­lary) and Amelia Heinle (Vic­to­ria) did when ex­pect­ing?

Ord­way: Yes, I have a feel­ing that will hap­pen since Abby doesn’t have a love in­ter­est at this point! I could be sit­ting be­hind a ta­ble or counter, or just a lot of close-up shots! Hope­fully, that will work. Mishael looked amaz­ing. She didn’t gain any weight ex­cept for her stom­ach. I’m not sure if that will be me, be­cause I’m hungr y all the time! I lit­er­ally can­not get enough food, so we’ll see what hap­pens!

In Depth: This is such an ex­cit­ing time for you and Justin. Is there any­thing you want to say to fans?

Ord­way: I just want to thank ev­ery­one, be­cause I’ve been get­ting the sweet­est com­ments about the preg­nancy. Ev­ery­body has been so kind. I wish I could write back to ev­ery sin­gle per­son on Twit­ter or In­sta­gram, but then I never would be able to put my phone down! But I feel very blessed!

“There’s still a lot of un­re­solved feel­ings be­tween Abby and Stitch,” says the Y&R star. “I don’t think they would have bro­ken up if his step­son hadn’t come to town!”

Emily Wilson (ex-El­lie, GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL) “is one of my best friends,” says Ord­way, and “one of the fun­ni­est peo­ple I have ever met!”

Marla Adams (Dina) “is such an amaz­ing, won­der­ful ac­tress to work with!” en­thuses her TV grand­daugh­ter. “She has a way of get­ting me to cry — even when I’m not sup­posed to cry in the scene!”

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