Marc Anthony Sa­muel (Felix)

You can learn a lot about the fan fa­vorite in just 60 se­conds

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What was the last gift that you bought for your­self? “I bought a trip out of the coun­try to Prague in the Czech Re­pub­lic. I’m go­ing to be en­joy­ing that trip for New Year’s. It’ll be my sec­ond time be­ing there.”

What are the TV shows that you can’t miss?


What’s your fa­vorite: pie, cake or ice cream?

“Choco­late on all; I am truly a choco­late ad­dict.”

What is your fa­vorite sport?

“Track and field. Specif­i­cally the sprints and the jumps. I was a long jumper in col­lege, and I did a lit­tle sprint­ing, so it will al­ways hold a spe­cial place in my heart.”

Who makes you laugh?

“My dog, Jeff. He has the fun­ni­est looks on his face when I talk to him. Plus, now that I know his per­son­al­ity, I can tell what he’s think­ing

a lot eas­ier.” Which movie do you know from

start to fin­ish? “Boomerang. There are so many amaz­ing and leg­endary per­form­ers in such a

great com­edy. When the cast in­cludes Ge­of­frey Holder, Grace Jones, Eartha Kit, Ed­die Mur­phy and Chris Rock, you know you have to see it more than once. And I must’ve seen it at least 10 times.” What was your first car, and what had you planned on be­ing your first car? “My first car was a Volk­swa­gen. What did I plan on when I was a kid? A Lam­borgh­ini.”

What’s your fa­vorite sum­mer ac­tiv­ity?

“Pool par­ties and trav­el­ing! I went to the Pa­cific North­west this sum­mer. It’s one of most beau­ti­ful places on earth in the sum­mer­time. Mostly be­cause it rains the rest of the year!” Who is the most fa­mous per­son that you’ve ever met? “Sid­ney Poitier. It was years ago, when I was still work­ing a lot of reg­u­lar jobs. This job was at a de­part­ment-store bar in Bev­erly Hills. He came up and asked for a glass of wa­ter. I couldn’t be­lieve he was stand­ing in front of me. I could tell that he knew I was a lit­tle starstruck, and he was kind and cor­dial. He’s in a class by him­self.”

What’s your fa­vorite amuse­ment park?

“Magic Moun­tain be­cause I ab­so­lutely love the thrill of roller coast­ers. The scarier, the bet­ter for me. My fa­vorite is Twisted Colos­sus. Four min­utes of thrill — that’s a long time for a coaster.”

If you ever see Sa­muel snack­ing, odds are he’s in­dulging his love of choco­late.

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