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GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL’s Matt Co­hen once joked that Grif­fin’s per­sonal bag­gage is over­flow­ing with more bag­gage — and thanks to Ava, he fi­nally got to un­pack some of it! With Dr. Sexy­priest forced to grap­ple with his call­ing and his at­trac­tion to his friend, Co­hen played his char­ac­ter’s con­flict with per­fect un­even­ness to win this week’s Gold Star.

The Fight Of Grif­fin’s Life

Grif­fin was un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally gruff when Ava found him at Volonino’s. Af­ter scoff­ing that los­ing a kid was part of the job, the doc even yelled, “I’m fine!”

Though he caught him­self, Grif­fin couldn’t pull it to­gether. He stut­tered and grum­bled an­grily, and when Ava pressed him about how he’d be­come so em­pathic, he grasped the box­ing-ring ropes tensely. But as he re­counted how he’d found com­fort in re­li­gion and then medicine, Co­hen let the pri­est’s de­fenses soften bit by bit.

A Kiss Be­fore Ly­ing

Nat­u­rally, Ava then be­gan wal­low­ing in her own pain, so Co­hen tapped into Griff’s sig­na­ture em­pa­thy. Star­ing into her eyes, he called her beau­ti­ful — and when she kissed him, he re­sponded! But then he pulled away, clar­i­fy­ing that she was “a beau­ti­ful child of God.” Ouch!

As Ava raged that he was send­ing mixed sig­nals, Co­hen dove into his chem­istry with Maura West (Ava). Each time Grif­fin earnestly rose up to de­fend his call­ing, the ac­tor let Ava’s ac­cu­sa­tions pum­mel him back into a con­flicted pout. By the time she stormed out, the doc looked bro­ken.

To Tell The Truth

Talk­ing to Liz later, Grif­fin re­al­ized he owed Ava more than an apol­ogy. With no fight left, he slumped into the chapel pew and ad­mit­ted that he had to face his feel­ings. Lucky for Griff, he had Ava to chal­lenge him… and lucky for us, GH had Co­hen to take us on the ride!

Co­hen made us see how hot un­der the col­lar Ava re­ally made Grif­fin.

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