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Fans were shocked by the news that Robert Palmer Watkins had been taken off con­tract as GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL’s Dil­lon. But there is some good news on the hori­zon: The ac­tor will be stick­ing around for a while!

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The In Depth Story: Watkins ini­tially learned that he’d been dropped from his GH con­tract while off film­ing the lead role in the in­die thriller Last Three Days. But with his cur­rent cy­cle good through late Oc­to­ber, he re­turned to work shortly af­ter La­bor Day. “Some­body’s back on set to­day,” he cheered in a video mes­sage posted ear­lier this month. “Still at GH through end of Oc­to­ber. Then we shall see what hap­pens.” The ac­tor told the Twit­ter­verse that he had “no idea” whether he’d get to re­cur on GH af­ter that, adding, “Noth­ing is con­firmed. I don’t know what’s hap­pen­ing, but thanks for the sup­port.”

With his Port Charles fu­ture up in the air, Watkins hopes his GH run isn’t over. “I loved where Kil­lon was go­ing,” he said of his char­ac­ter’s ro­mance with Kiki. “I was ex­cited, and the fans are re­spond­ing to it. Plus, Dil­lon’s a Quar­ter­maine! There’s

so much to play there.”

Worst case sce­nario, Watkins wraps at GH when his con­tract ends. If that hap­pens, he ad­mits, “I’m go­ing to miss the peo­ple and the friends I’ve made here. I re­ally started to feel like this was fam­ily. Plus, work­ing in day­time, you’re ba­si­cally in an ac­tor’s boot camp ev­ery day. I’m go­ing to miss that en­ergy… but I’ll go find it some­where else!”

What­ever’s to come, the on­go­ing fan sup­port has helped keep Watkins feel­ing pos­i­tive about his prospects. “When­ever you’re let go from any type of job, you start to ques­tion your­self,” he ad­mits. “But see­ing how much fans loved me as Dil­lon and the way they’re fight­ing for me makes me feel like I’m go­ing to be okay ei­ther way. So I’m just try­ing to stay busy and fo­cused.

“This busi­ness is tough,” he adds. “Some­times it’s un­pre­dictable… but I’m not stop­ping now.”

“I still don’t know,” says Watkins, about what will hap­pen when his deal ex­pires.

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