This week on GEN­ERAL HOSPI­TAL, Michael makes a big move where his re­la­tion­ship with Nelle is con­cerned. But are his par­ents right to worry that he could be mak­ing a fatal mis­take?

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The In Depth Story: While she’s done some ques­tion­able things in the past — and that’s be­ing rather gen­er­ous — Michael be­lieves that Nelle is a dif­fer­ent woman now. But there would seem to be a whole lot of ev­i­dence in­di­cat­ing that Michael’s girl­friend has a few more dark se­crets lurk­ing in her closet. “Things get a bit murky,” says a coy Chloe Lanier of al­ter ego Nelle’s past, adding with a laugh, “That’s the word I like to use!”

Some­thing tells us Carly would have a few other choice words, although she is try­ing to give Michael room to fig­ure things out for him­self. “Any deep­en­ing of the

“Sonny and Carly aren’t go­ing to just for­get what Nelle did to their


con­nec­tion Michael has to this girl ran­kles Carly,” un­der­states co-head­writer Chris Van Et­ten. “Nelle gets un­der her skin! But ev­ery move that Carly makes to try and open Michael’s eyes only seems to push the cou­ple closer!

“Her son,” the scribe adds, “is ev­ery bit as stub­born as Carly is!”

Sonny, too, has his doubts about Nelle. “Son- ny is say­ing, ‘Keep your eyes open,’” ex­plains co­head­writer Shelly Altman. “Sonny and Carly aren’t go­ing to just for­get what Nelle did to their fam­ily! But he has been a lit­tle bit more rea­son­able than has Carly about the sit­u­a­tion.”

That could change when Michael’s par­ents find out about the pretty ma­jor

move the be­sot­ted young man has made. Is Michael be­ing naive where the beau­ti­ful blonde is con- cerned? “Per­haps,” mus- es Altman. “He may come to that con­clu­sion him­self. He is an adult who is deal­ing with sev­eral is­sues, not just his feel­ings for Nelle and the in­ter­fer­ence of his par­ents.”

“At the same time,” con­cludes Van Et­ten, “he’s mov­ing for­ward with his eyes wide open.” But is there more to see than Nelle has re­vealed?

“Do as you’re told, and we won’t have any prob­lems,” de­clared Nelle.

Nelle can be seen here try­ing to prove looks can kill.

“On top of ev­ery­thing else,” an ex­as­per­ated Bob­bie told Feli­cia, “Nelle cheats at Words With Friends.”

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