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We have to think that Feli­cia isn’t much of a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor. How is it that this lat­est se­cret about Nelle didn’t come to light the last time she poked around in the blonde’s past? Now that we think about it, that seems to be a re­cur­ring prob­lem around th­ese parts. Nu­mer­ous char­ac­ters spent weeks dig­ging into Hay­den’s past, yet none of them un­cov­ered that, as Rachel, she had a hus­band who was be­hind bars. And don’t get us started on no­body be­ing able to do a sim­ple Google search and find old Man Lan­ders blogs with Nathan’s pic­ture at­tached! Mean­while, we loved throw­ing Dil­lon into the Michael/Nelle sit­u­a­tion, but it’s hard to in­vest in the shut­ter­bug as a po­ten­tial spoiler for the pair­ing when no­body seems to know if por­trayer Robert Palmer Watkins will be stick­ing around or not!

“Hey, I’ll be around, Nelle. Maybe.”

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