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… or were you shocked — in a good way — to hear GH’s El­iz­a­beth take re­spon­si­bil­ity for her machi­na­tions dur­ing that whole Jake/Ja­son fi­asco? “I’m part of the rea­son she lost time with Ja­son,” the nurse told Franco, ad­mit­ting that she’d lied to sus­tain the house of cards she’d built. “I don’t know how Sam or Danny could ever for­give me… I don’t know how to for­give my­self.” This story was one of sev­eral frus­trat­ing ex­am­ples of this show’s seem­ing in­abil­ity to play the fall­out of big, dra­matic mo­ments over the past few years. So while it was too lit­tle, too late in terms of a pay­off, it at least showed that on some level, the writ­ers rec­og­nize just how big a deal El­iz­a­beth’s lie was.

Some­how, “Oops!” didn’t re­ally cover this sce­nario.

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